Works on Path 11 of Vesuvius: continue with the Great Project

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The works on Path 11 of Vesuvius continue for the realization of the Great Project, soon those on Path 6 will also begin!

The works for the redevelopment of the Path number 11 of the Vesuvius National Park, or of the "Pineta di Terzigno". 

Begun last December, the works are part of the Great Vesuvius Project, thanks to which it was possible to carry out a real work of redevelopment and enhancement of the territory. In fact, Path number 7 or The valley of the Profica and the Path number 9, the The Lava River, thanks to this project they have already been completed.

Those involving Path 6 will also begin soon, that is the Strada Matrone. 

The works for the Pineta di Terzigno: Path 11

The work currently being carried out on the Path number 11 of the Vesuvius National Park include a whole series of interventions for the construction of a path, with a wooden platform, which can also be used from people with disabilities. 

Precisely for this reason all the operations carried out comply with the indications of theNational Association of Italian Disabled,Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired qualityl Italian Fund for the Removal of Architectural Barriers. 

New ones will also be installed signs also in braille characters and tactile maps and a electronic reporting system made especially for the visually impaired.

In short, this path of approx 2 Km, at the end of the works it will allow everyone to take a pleasant walk on the Vesuvio, entering completely a contact with nature.

Image source: Naples- La Repubblica

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