The 99 Posse in concert at the Busy Auditorium in Mezzocannone

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The 99 Posse will be in concert in Naples, in support of the #iloveinsu campaign, in the premises of Mezzocannone Occupato

The Neapolitan group of the 99 Posse, much loved both in Naples and in other Italian cities, will return to perform in the city with his original formation in full.

La band born in the 1991 as a voice of social denunciation of the "Self-managed Occupied Social Center " e,Even if it has never deployed politically, it has often been the object of physical and verbal aggression by neo-fascists. However, he has always had the support of the young people who have followed them since the beginning and which will surely not be lost the November 21 2014 the concert in support of the #iloveinsu campaign and for the 2 years of Mezzocannone Occupied.

The evening was organized to raise funds for the Occupato Insurgencia laboratory which in August of this year suffered a serious theft and vandalism made with the aim of slowing down the social battle of the center.

Usually the 99 Posse perform in squares and social centers because they are not accepted in musical salons because of the harshness of many of their texts and their relationship with drugs, some of which they used. Despite this, they have twice won the Tenco plate for the Best Opera in dialect and they are imposed in the Italian music scene.

Do you also want to participate in the evening? Then..Curre curre guagliò!

Program of the evening with the 99 Posse

20.00 hours
National preview presentation of: Curre Curre Guagliò - Stories of the 99 Posse (official biography written by Rosario Dello Iacovo). The group will be present.

21.00 hours
open live:
Shotgun studio,
Mr. DopeOne Mc,
Mc Mariotto

22.00 hours
99 Posse live - CURRE CURRE GUAGLIO '2.0 TOUR

Information on the 99 Posse concert

When: 21th November 2014
Where: Busy Auditorium, via Mezzocannone 14
Price: € 5 to support the #IloveINSU campaign
Schedule: 22.00

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