Weather alert in Naples: all hydrofoils blocked

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Il Maltempo which struck our peninsula, and which closely involved the city of Napoli, seems to have had repercussions for what concerns the maritime transport of the capital of Campania.

The unrest has made it necessary stop of hydrofoils. In fact, all of them are blocked departures of the aforesaid means to and from the locations of the Gulf of Naples.

The strong bursts of mistral wind with speeds up to 20 knots have profoundly influenced the decision, which forces catamarans, hydrofoils and private jets.

Blocked hydrofoils Naples

The sea with force 4-5 allows i connections with the locations of the Gulf only on board the Ferries. The weather conditions will be net worsening already starting in the next few hours.

Stay tuned on our pages for all other possible feedback. We will not fail to update you if the situation were to undergo further changes.

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