Metro Line 1, flooding and delays on the line on 21 October

Flooded Materdei station
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When nature decides to unleash its fury, even the most prepared cities can find themselves in difficulty. Naples is a clear example of this, with its public transport system which suffered a severe blow due to adverse weather conditions.

The Materdei metro station has unfortunately become the emblem of this crisis.

Bad weather due to cyclone Medusa

It wasn't a simple rain that brought the Neapolitan city to its knees, but the arrival of Cyclone Medusa. This atmospheric phenomenon brought with it a load of torrential rain and bad weather which has put urban infrastructure to the test.

When nature is unleashed, it is difficult to remain impassive, and Naples has felt the full weight of this storm.

The problems on Line 1 and at the Materdei stop

If you thought that taking the subway was a way to escape the flood, you were sadly mistaken. There Subway line 1, and in particular the Materdei station, she was hit directly. Imagine getting off the train and finding yourself faced with a waterfall covering the stairs.

It's not a scene from a disaster movie, but reality vividly described by Ciro Pellegrino through his TikTok channel.


Just two drops of water... #Naples

♬ Rain – Sound Bath

And if you think the City is doing enough to prevent these disasters, listen to what he has to say Adolfo Vallini of USB: "ordinary maintenance" measures seem to be anything but sufficient.

“A critical situation – reports Adolfo Vallini of USB – which has created significant inconvenience to the mobility of the citizens of the neighborhood, the images shot by a tourist forced to walk in a river of water are eloquent.”

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