Bad weather in Naples: the cyclone Venus arrives with storms and icy wind

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Bad weather in Naples weather alert for the cyclone Venus

Because of storms and storms expected also in Campania, tonight will not leave the Naples-Palermo ferry. The meteorological condition is destined to get worse.

As we are noticing in these hours, rains, strong winds and icy temperatures and a noticeable lowering of temperatures have come down on our peninsula, and also in the Center South, where a 'weather alert from this afternoon and for the next 24 hours.

To have shocked in a few hours the day was the cyclone Venus, a disturbance coming from Northern Europe and that has quickly moved to the Mediterranean, bringing with it thunderstorms, cold winds at 90 km times e first snowfall on the Alpine reliefs. The condition is destined to worsen, because from tonight there will be impetuous winds such as Libeccio and Ponente, then of Mistral and Tramontana, and the Bora on the Adriatic. The snow will fall at low altitudes, at 1000 meters, on the Apennines.

In Naples and in Campania are expected thunderstorms, hailstorms and very rough seas, with risks of storms in the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the larger islands, with 6 waves, 7 meters in height. Due to this rapidly deteriorating weather situation, the Tirrenia ferry "Vincenzo Florio" from Naples to Palermo will not leave this evening.

For the days of tomorrow and Tuesday still bad weather is expected with storms, thunderstorms and cold winds, and from next weekend will arrive in the Mediterranean a icy core from Scandinavia which will bring a radical lowering of temperatures and a rapid transition to a decidedly winter climate.

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