Other masterpieces in the Maschio Angioino: new works of art of the treasure in the undergrounds

Maschio Angioino

About a year ago, the wonderful Maschio Angioino of Naples, was the protagonist of an extraordinary discovery.

In fact, in its basement, following an inspection for a flood, it was found a priceless treasure, consisting of approx 400 paintings and sculptures, as well as furnishing elements.

The objects had been forgotten for years inside the deposits that were ruined by infiltrations and for this reason, the Municipality of Naples has set up real restoration laboratories in the Sale Vesevi of Castel Nuovo, precisely to give a second life to those precious objects.

The rediscovered treasure

Among the many masterpieces deriving from the abandoned treasure, there are:

  • The Blind Man of Jericho by the artist De Mura
  • Two paintings by Paolo De Matteis, namely The Virgin, Christ and St. Nicholas, and The Trinity made up of wonderful frames with floral carvings.
  • The Crucifixion by Giacinto Diano
  • A San Giovannino of the Battistello Caracciolo school
  • Madonna del latte with Archangel Michael
  • Our Lady of the Rosary and Dominican Saints of 4 meters by over 2 and a half meters belonging to Luca Giordano

The restoration laboratory

Some of the paintings that were found were damaged and worn out, for this reason it was decided to subject them to restoration with the creation of special laboratories a Castel Nuovo.

For this purpose, the withdrawal from the reserve fund has been authorized, approx 50 thousand euros, which have been intended for the restoration of works of art owned by the municipality.

The first phase of the works involved the safety of the works, in particular of the supports, canvas or wood, and of the frames. Subsequently, dedusting, velinatura interventions were carried out, as well as fungicide and antixylophagous treatments.

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Written by Serena De Luca
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