Friends 23, evening previews tonight March 30: who's going out?

Maria De Filippi in Amici 23

It will be broadcast tonight, Saturday 30 March 2024, the second evening episode of Amici. The recordings have already been held and thanks to the leaked spoilers we are able to tell you what will happen guests who will intervene, the evidence e which pupils will leave school most loved in Italy. Curious to know more? Follow us, we are about to reveal everything to you!

Friends 23 tonight 30 March 2024: the tests and the gauntlets

Under the attentive gaze of the public and the judges (Michele Bravi, Giuseppe Giofrè and Cristiano Malgioglio) the 13 students remained in Amici's school they will give life to a heart-pounding race, made up of three heats and two gauntlets.

  • The first run will see the Pettinelli/Todaro team clash with that of Cuccarini/Emanuel Lo. In particular, Martina will get the better of Nicholas, Midas will win on Gaia. Nothing to do for the gauntlet between He gives me e Martina which will be canceled while in the one between John e Nicholas (characterized by an unpleasant inconvenience) will eventually prevail John.
  • The second run you will see, therefore, the Pettinelli/Todaro team to challenge Zerbi/Celentano team. In this case, Small will get the better of Lil Jolie e Holden su John. Space for the gauntlet between John e Dustin which will see Giovanni win.
  • Third and final run between the teams Zerbi/Celentano and Cuccarini/Emanuel Lo. This time, Holden will win on Midas, Sofia beat Small e Sara will get the better of Dustin.

Two special guests from Maria DeFilippi the 30 March 2024

There will be two, based on anticipations, The guests which will arrive on the Amici stage tonight.

  • Barbara Foria, a priceless comic talent, highly appreciated in Italy for his verve and humor. Together with her there will be room for laughter and lightness!
  • Ermal Meta, great guest of the evening. The singer will arrive to present his latest single, entitled "L'unica peril": an intense and emotional piece that has already touched the hearts of the public and which promises to do so again in tonight's episode.

Who's leaving Friends' school tonight?

Based on the leaked previews, from the school of Friends of Maria DeFilippi, tonight, Saturday 30 March 2024, the dancer Nicholas will be released first. The student, however, will be given a scholarship from a well-known Roman dance school. You will also participate in the video clip that Malgioglio will soon shoot in Miami.

for second elimination of the evening, they will go two other dancers in the ballot: Marisol (student of Celentano) and Giovanni (student of Todaro). Like every episode, the final verdict will come to the boys once they return to the house: this is why from the post-recording rumors it is not clear which of the two actually left.

In the last few hours, however, things have started to rumor that it was Giovanni who abandoned school late at night. He will therefore be the second eliminated from the second evening of Amici. To be sure, however, all we have to do is follow the episode. The appointment is for tonight, on Canale 5, starting at around 21pm.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Friends of Maria De Filippi
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