Andrea Bolognino. Blindness, blindness, outrage on display at the Capodimonte Museum

Bolognino exhibition
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From the 13 January Andrea Bolognino's exhibition project entitled Blindness, blindness, outrage.

The exhibition is part of the events organized for the seventh edition of the cycle of exhibitions-focus Sensitive Encounters and will be edited by Sylvain Bellenger with the assistance of Luciana Berti and the technical assistance of Francesca Dal Lago.

The exhibition itinerary

Coming to the beautiful Museum of Capodimonte in Naples you will have the opportunity to visit from 13 January to 18 April 2022 the special exhibition by Andrea Bolognino, Blindness, blinding, outrage.

In particular, the artist's drawings will be compared with one of the most famous works of art kept in the museum, we are talking about the Parable of the Blind di Peter Brueghel the Elder.

From this particular comparison, the Neapolitan artist has extrapolated three themes which concern a precise reflection on relationship between art and science:

  • Simulation of scientific representation, thanks to screens and graphics
  • Simulation of vision disorder, with a shortened and dark drawing
  • Hypervision, the effect of temporary technological developments

They will therefore be 24 the drawings on display, some on inclined planes, including the wonderful triptych which will be dedicated to the theme blindness, understood as physical and symbolic fall, of which Bolognini resumes the three phases: abandonment, perception of the fall and attempt to get up.

Paintings of Bolognino

Information on the Andrea Bolognino exhibition


From 13 January to 18 April 2022, closed on Wednesdays


Capodimonte Museum, Via Miano 2, Naples - XNUMXnd floor, Sensitive Encounters room

Working hours:

10: 00-17: 30, last admission 17:00


  • Whole 12 €
  • reduced (18-25 years not completed) 2 euros,
  • children under 18 free


Official website

Anti-Covid rules 19

  • Super Green Pass Obligation
  • Ffp2 Mask Obligation

Photo source: Facebook page of the Capodimonte Museum

  • Where: Museum of Capodimonte, Naples
  • When: from Thursday 13 January 2022 to Monday 18 April 2022, from 10:00 to 17:30
  • Closed on days:
    • Wednesday
  • Prezzi:
    • Whole : €12
    • Reduced : €2
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