Heritage days, museums for 2 euros and night openings

royal palace of Naples

Immerse yourself in culture and heritage of Naples without going over your budget! On 23 and 24 September, Naples becomes even more fascinating with the European Heritage Days.

Museums and historical sites will welcome you with open arms, and all at only 2 euro!

What are the European Heritage Days?

If you are wondering what it is, here is a brief explanation. The European Heritage Days are an annual European event aimed at valorising European museum and cultural heritage.
It is a large-scale celebration of cultural heritage, a sort of open day at continental level under the theme InVita Heritage.

Which museums and monuments are involved

Not only the usual museums will be open. In addition to the classical like the National Archaeological Museum and the Royal Palace, even lesser-known treasures such as the Caruso Museum and the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte await you.

Here is the list of sites

  1. Royal Palace of Naples
  2. Caruso Museum
  3. National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN)
  4. Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte
  5. Museo Cappella Sansevero
  6. Certosa and National Museum of San Martino
  7. Castel Sant'Elmo
  8. San Domenico Maggiore Complex

The program of the European Heritage Days in Naples

September 23rd and 24th will be intense days that will also extend into the night. Moonlight walks among ancient ruins, artistic discoveries and much more.

Night visits: timetables, museums and historical sites

Naples is magical at night. The Royal Palace of Naples, for example, will offer special visits of the Appartamenti Reali, starting from 20: 00 to 23: 00.

Here are the sites with evening and night openings:

  1. Royal Palace of Naples: Open from 20pm to 00pm.
  2. Caruso Museum: Closing hours extended until 23pm.
  3. National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN): Closing hours extended until 22pm.
  4. Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte: Closing hours extended until 22pm.

Extraordinary openings: opening hours, museums and historical sites

Even during the day there are unmissable opportunities. The Archaeological Museum of Naples – MANN, the Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimonte, and others like the San Severo Chapel, they will be open to visitors for extended hours.

LocationOpening HoursCost
Royal Palace of Naples20:00 - 23:00€2
Caruso MuseumUntil 23:00€2
Archaeological Museum – MANNUntil 22:30€2
Museum and Real Bosco di CapodimonteUntil 22:30€2
San Severo ChapelExtended hours€2
Castel Sant'ElmoExtended hours€2
San Domenico Maggiore ComplexExtended hours€2
  • Where: Napoli
  • When: from Saturday 23 September 2023 to Sunday 24 September 2023
  • Prezzi:
    • Admission: 2 €
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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