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Extraordinary December at the Royal Palace
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Christmas will transform the Royal Palace of Naples in a real treasure chest of wonders. This year, the ancient royal residence is dressed up, becoming a point of reference for those who want to experience Christmas in one historical and fascinating setting. At the center of the celebrations, the majestic Christmas tree on Staircase of Honor welcomes visitors with its grandeur, becoming a symbol of joy and conviviality.

Il eighteenth-century nativity scene, a masterpiece of art and tradition, represents another meeting point between history and tradition and the public. An artistic representation that contains the mastery of the Neapolitan artists of the 700th century and which offers a journey through time and local culture, combining history and charm.

The Palace does not limit itself to these static performances, it also offers openings, both during the day that in the evening, enriched by guided tours e special initiatives. Activities designed to offer visitors a more complete and engaging experience, allowing them to discover the wonders of the palace in a unique and memorable way.

The Christmas tree and the Wish Package

Il Royal Palace of Naples this year stands out for the staging of theChristmas tree, a real point of attraction on the Grand Staircase. A tree that is not just a decorative element, but a symbol of festivities that will enchant visitors with its grandeur and glittering decorations.

Then don't miss the “Package of Wishes”. Located at the foot of the tree, this great gift package will invite children and adults to share their wishes. The initiative symbolizes a unique bond between visitors and the Palace, celebrating sharing and hope.

A selection of the wishes collected will then be shared on Palazzo Reale's social channels 6 January 2024.

The Neapolitan Nativity Scene, an 700th century masterpiece

Il Neapolitan nativity scene of the Royal Palace is ua true gem of nativity scene art, a treasure that shines in its historic beauty. Located inLabel Apartment, this nativity scene is an extraordinary composition, with over 210 figures including shepherds, various characters, animals and 144 accessories. It is a magnificent example of700th century Neapolitan art, representing not only a religious scene but also a piece of local history and culture.

Among the artists who contributed to this work, names such as Giuseppe Sanmartino, known for his famous Veiled Christ e Francis Celebrano. Their mastery is evident in every minute detail and in the liveliness of the scenes depicted. A nativity scene that is not only a display of artistic skill, but also a journey into the past, offering visitors a vivid image of eighteenth-century Naples.

The Nativity is permanently exhibited in a dedicated room, a masterpiece accessible to all those who wish to admire one of the richest and most intricate representations of Neapolitan nativity scene art.

Extraordinary day and night openings and guided tours

During the Christmas period, the Royal Palace of Naples opens to visitors with a series of openings, offering the possibility of exploring this historic place at times outside the usual visiting hours.

Evening openings with tickets at €3

An opening not to be missed is the evening one Friday 8th and Saturday 30th December, when the building will be accessible 20 pm: 00 24 to: 00 at a reduced cost of only 3 €. Evenings that offer a special opportunity to experience the Royal Palace in a different light.

Openings on public holidays

The extraordinary openings also include two mornings, the Wednesday 20 and 27 December, by 9: 00 13 to: 00. Openings designed to facilitate the visit of tourists during the Christmas period, offering an additional opportunity to discover the riches of the palace.

Special guided tours

In addition to extraordinary openings, the palace also organizes special guided tours, such as the “Deposit Saturday” project. This project offers visitors the opportunity to explore the Foriera Depot, normally not accessible, which it preserves nineteenth-century furnishings of great value. The visits, by reservation, are a unique opportunity to discover a lesser-known but equally fascinating part of the Royal Palace.

DataEventOpening hoursFootnotes
Friday December 8Evening opening20:00 - 24:00Cost reduced to €3
Saturday December 30Evening opening20:00 - 24:00Cost reduced to €3
Wednesday, December 20Extraordinary daytime opening9:00 - 13:00
Wednesday, December 27Extraordinary daytime opening9:00 - 19:00Hourly extension
Saturday December 16Guided tours of the Foriera Depot10: 00 and 11: 30On reservation

Concerts and exhibitions at the Royal Palace

Il Royal Palace of Naples, in addition to being a place of great historical and artistic value, is also confirmed an important cultural center, offering a variety of events during the Christmas period.

One of the prominent events is the concert by the Virtuosi di Sansevero, scheduled for Tuesday 19 December at 18pm in the Court Theatre. An exhibition that promises to be a unique experience, with music by Britten, Bloch and Bruch, which will echo in the elegant setting of the Theatre. Admission to the concert is free, but requires reservations, thus offering an accessible opportunity to immerse yourself in an evening of high-quality music.

Another important event is the exhibition dedicated to the Neapolitan painter Domenico Morelli, on the occasion of the bicentenary of his birth. The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on December 14th in the Royal Chapel, represents a tribute to Neapolitan art and culture, highlighting one of its most influential artists

Tuesday 19 DecemberConcert by the Virtuosi of Sansevero18:00Free admission by reservation
Thursday December 14Exhibition dedicated to Domenico Morelliinauguration

Practical information for visitors

visit Royal Palace of Naples during the Christmas period requires proper planning.
Here is some useful information that will help you better organize your visit:

Opening times and prices of the attractions of the Royal Palace of Naples

Historical apartment

  • Opening hours: 9.00 – 20.00 (last entry 19.00)
  • Closed: Wednesday, January 1st, December 25th

Time Gallery

  • Opening hours: 14.30 – 19.00 (last entry 18.00)
  • Closed: Wednesday, January 1st, December 25th

Caruso Museum

  • Opening hours: 9.00 – 14.00 (last entry 13.00)
  • Closed: Wednesday, January 1st, December 25th

Romantic garden

  • Hours vary according to the month
  • Closed: Wednesday, January 1st, December 25th

Roof garden

  • Self-guided access and guided tours available at specific times
  • Not available during free days and evening openings

Carriage Hall

  • Free access every day from 9.00 to 19.00

Combined Tickets (Apartment + Time Gallery + Caruso Museum + Temporary Exhibitions)

  • Adults: € 11
  • Reduced: €3 (EC citizens aged 18-25 years)
  • Free for under 18s

Hanging Garden Tickets

  • Without guide: €2, in addition to the museum ticket
  • With guided tour: €5, in addition to the museum ticket (free for children up to 6 years old)
  • Where: Royal Palace of Naples
  • When:
    • Friday 08 December 2023 from 20:00 to 23:59
    • Thursday December 14 2023
    • Saturday 16 December 2023 from 10:00
    • Tuesday 19 December 2023 from 18:00
    • Wednesday December 20 2023
    • Wednesday December 27 2023
    • Saturday 30 December 2023 from 20:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Evening openings: €3
    • Full ticket: 11 €
    • Reduced ticket (EC citizens aged 18-25 years): €3
    • Children under 8: Free
    • Concert by the Virtuosi di Sansevero: Free
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