Back to the style 2019 in Bagnoli in Naples with over 50 writer

Back to the Style
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Back to the 2019 back to Bagnoli, an important event between music and graffiti for three days of street art

The eighth edition of the Back to the 2019 Style a Bagnoli, Napoli, will be held from 19 22 to September during which there will be not only some of the most important graffiti artists in the world but also a series of interesting musical events.

Many writers will participate in the Back to the 2019 Style because this event is able to attract artists from all parts of the world. This edition will have among others personalities such as TOTEM, STAE, CUBA and MAPPLE from the United States of America, SWET from Denmark, RETURN from France, ROSY ONE from Switzerland, from Spain JAPON, RIOT and YUBA, SOMEY from Belgium and finally FRED from Germany. Of course there will also be some of the most important local artists. During this interesting event there will also be rap battles that will brighten the evenings.

This is a great appointment for all those who love visual and musical art. In the main area there will be an area for refreshments and one set up for children organized by Scecufé the Art of Blooming with laboratories and a large number of games for children. It is therefore an event for the whole family.


19 September 2019 in Bagnoli

15.00 pm – GRAFFITI – via Maiuri (Cumana wall, Bagnoli station)

18.00 pm Aperitif - Sporting Club La Pietra, via Napoli 149 A

20 September 2019 in Forio d'Ischia

hours 12.00 GRAFFITI - port of Forio

ore 18.00 Aperitif - Ischia Street Art Gallery, via Costantino 28

21 September 2019 at Parco Totò

12 hours: 00 - GRAFFITI. International Guest

Creative Area

hours 15.30 dj set with Enzo Bug Sauce Mare

hours 17.00 Urban Jungle Creative Lab

Main area

16 hours: 00 free breakdance workshop with BBoy Sound

17 hours: 00 KIDS BATTLE (under 16) host Domenico Ipno Dj Raid Jury: BBoy Sound

ore 19.00 ALL STYLE BATTLE host Dario Dange Dj Max Bucci Jury: Alex Nunes (Rome)

21.00 hours awarding (show)

21 hours: 30 showcase with Mr.Meni + DirtyGun + Vincenzo Smoke (Caserta)

22:00 LIVE SHOW with DJ Simi - Shaone - PeppOh - Donix - Ivanò-Lpk - Oyoshe

22 September 2019 at Parco Totò

start hours 11.00 Graffiti

Creative Area

15.30 pm DJ set with Ciccio Sciò - Torreggae

hours 17.00 Urban Jungle Creative lab

18.00 pm No Color Sketch Live & Expo

Main area

hours 17.00 RAP BATTLE Host Oyoshe Jury: BLNKAY

hours 19.00 BREAK BATTLE 3VS3 Host Dose One DJ Breakstarr Jury: in definition

21.30 hours Awarding (Show)

22.00 pm DJ set with Dj Hook & Speaker Cenzou -> Back to Back

Kids area: Scecufé the Art of Blossoming (workshops and games for children)

Food & drink area: Beer Garden - BLOCK boutique bar - Pizzeria da Mario

Information on Back to the Style 2019

Where: Bagnoli, Naples

When: from 19 to 22 September 2019

Time: from 11: 00 22 to: 00

Price: free admission

For information: page Facebook| email: gianvalentino @ | tel: + 393475491215

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