Barbara D'Urso out of Afternoon 5, the possible reasons

Barbara D'Urso

After the earthquake that occurred yesterday following the announcement of the removal of Barbara D'Urso (and this despite the Neapolitan presenter, during the last episode, had given an appointment to viewers in September) from Afternoon 5, according to what was reported by Gossip&TV, Mediaset would have decided to intervene and reveal the reasons why it would have made this decision.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, just over two weeks after his father's disappearance Silvio Berlusconi, started a real revolution in the house Mediaset, causing many of the deceased Knight's "protected" to "jump the job".

After Belen Rodriguez and (perhaps) also Ilary Blasi, to end up under the "cleaver of the revolution" was Barbara D'Urso, which despite the end of thelast episode of Afternoon 5 had made an appointment for viewers in September 2023 (when the program should restart), it has not been reconfirmed in the last few hours.

Everyone is now wondering why and, precisely because of this, according to what was reported by Gossip & TV, Mediaset, during the day of Saturday 1 July 2023, would have decided to issue a Press release in which, among other things, he would announce i three real reasons for which he decided to do not renew Barbara D'Urso's contract.

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Barbara D'Urso, the reasons why she would not have been reconfirmed

The first reason is that despite Barbara D'Urso has said several times on social media that Afternoon 5 was going very well and could boast a good share in terms of ratings, it's actually not like that: Sunday Live e Live-It's not D'Urso, the two programs he previously had together with Afternoon 5, They were cut because, in fact, they didn't make record plays. Far from it: they were immense chasms in which sponsors invested money after money, but without obtaining the desired results.

Afternoon 5, for its part, lasted a little longer and, for two years, managed to leave Live Life, but after that it had a thud across the board. The unsatisfactory listening however, they were not the only reason that prompted the Biscione to terminate the contract with Barbara D'Urso.

Mediaset, Pier Silvio wants a change of course

The second reason, as also revealed by Pier Silvio Berlusconi in several interviews released in recent days, is that "Dursian" TV (a mix of gossip, crime news, scandals and other topics mixed together) It does not work anymore. The public wants more and, hence, the decision of Berlusconi's second son to revolutionize everything.

THElast episode of Afternoon 5, In which Barbara D'Urso greeted the spectators, it was a real flop. Hence the decision to entrust the program to Myrta Merlin, which will (almost) certainly come from La7 and will have carte blanche and the possibility of imprinting his style on the broadcast. The challenge is that, with this change, ratings can go back to being excellent.

Mediaset, less trash and more content that everyone can like

Finally, it is no mystery that, especially in the last period, Mediaset is trying to abandon his more "trash" side after the protests coming from the spectators for what was happening in the house of the GF VIP 7 (another reality show that will be revolutionized).

In this context, where Pier Silvio Berlusconi is pushing hard to improve the content content and have "more sober" conducting, "Dursi" TV had little hope of surviving. Hence the farewell to Barbara D'Urso, which should materialize in December 2023.

Barbara d'Urso's statement

Il feeling dominant? The pain, combined with dismay and anger. The thing that hurts me the most is that they didn't allow me to greet my audience. And with that press release, they suggested that I agreed with the decision.

interview given to Republic

D'Urso asserts with determination that he had no decision-making power in choosing to leave "Afternoon 5“. This declaration clashes with the official statement which suggests a mutual consent between the presenter and the broadcaster. Although her contract with Mediaset only set to expire in December, no future projects have been planned between the star and the company.

Although two more seasons of “Afternoon 5" D'Urso emphasized that the uncertainty of Mediaset it made her anxious. The final news of her firing came unexpectedly, robbing her of an opportunity to say goodbye to her fans.

Lucius Presta, agent of D'Urso, had presented a proposal to renew the contract for another two years, keeping the financial and editorial conditions unchanged. Despite this, no action was taken. D'Urso she expressed her need to feel valued by the company. Then, unexpectedly, Mediaset has decided to terminate the contract early D'Urso, leaving the presenter speechless and deeply annoyed.

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Written by Frances Orelli
Image source: Instagram profile Barbara D'Urso (@barbaracarmelitadurso)
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