Barbara d'Urso and the new events company: what it is about

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Barbara d'Urso has left the Mediaset networks, but apparently she could completely abandon the small screen. The well-known presenter announced through her social channels what her future will be and, apparently, she will be away from TV.

Barbara d'Urso has opened an event company together to the entrepreneur Francesca Caldarelli from the name B&Fable with the claim "Your time will be a Fable”. Social channels have been opened at the end May 2023, on Facebook we can read that the page was launched precisely on May 30th.

What Barbara d'Urso's company does

B&Fable is an event organization company managed by Barbara d'urso, famous Italian television figure. With a keen eye for design and style, B&Fable offers planning and set-up services for events of various kinds, ensuring a unique and extraordinary experience.

The company also offers consultancy for holidays and parties, helping clients design, plan and manage their celebrations to ensure they are a success. Whether it's a birthday party, anniversary, wedding or corporate event, B&Fable can turn any event into a 'fairy tale' occasion.

B&Fable has an international reach, with services of Concierge services offered worldwide. This means that, no matter where you are, you can benefit from the experience and professionalism of B&Fable to organize your event.

Finally, the company delivers masterclass, which could relate to various aspects of organizing events, such as planning, design, logistics, etc. These classes could be ideal for those who want to gain event planning skills.

In summary, B&Fable is one complete event company which offers a wide range of services to make every event an extraordinary experience.

When was B&Fable opened?

We cannot know exactly when d'Urso made an agreement with Francesca Caldarelli, but we do know that the domain and social channels were registered inon May 30, 2023.

Barbara d'Urso's statements on B&Fable

At Gente magazine, d'Urso has declared:

With Francesca Caldarelli I have created an agency of extraordinary events that allows anyone to live truly unforgettable experiences. Since I was a little girl it was never enough for me to do 5 things at the same time

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @befableevents
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