Blocking of traffic in Naples from October 2018 to March 2019: days and derogations

Traffic in Naples

The days, times and exceptions of the traffic block in Naples from October 2018 to March 2019.

Updated: extended the driving ban time for Friday 22 February 2019.


The days of traffic block a Napoli and, as usual, they will last from October until March of next year. Specifically, the1 October 2018 e end the 31 March 2019, with three days a week of blocks and limitations.

The reasons are always the environmental ones concerning theincreased pollution and fine dust in the air so it is necessary to reduce the circulation of cars and motorcycles in the city, throughout the territory of Naples.

Traffic block times

The traffic blockade in Naples is in force Monday, Wednesday e Friday in two time slots: from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and by To 14.30 16.30.

It is valid throughout the territory except for the city motorway network in the sections that fall within the municipality of Naples: ring road, A1 Naples-Rome and A3 Naples-Salerno, regional road ex SS n. 162 - link road Fulco di Calabria. Furthermore, not valid on the festive and pre-holiday days.
An ecological Sunday should also be established a month.

Also in this case there are exemptions from the ban. Let's see them disengaged.

Exemptions from blocking traffic

The exemptions apply in the following cases, among the most important:

  • motor vehicles that they transport disabled people with significantly reduced walking ability, with the card regularly
  • electric vehicles with zero emissions, mopeds and motorcycles at 4 times, mopeds and motorcycles at 2 times called euro 2 and subsequent;
  • motor vehicles powered by LPG and methane;
  • motor vehicles Euro 4 and later even if they are used to transport goods;
  • motor vehicles with at least three persons on board (car-pooling) excluding euro 0 and euro 1;
  • the vehicles of certificate holders of energy certification
  • the vehicles of the Police, of the autonomous local police service of the Municipality of Naples, of the Civil Protection, military, service vehicles of the administration of justice and those with ministers of worship on board who have to officiate religious rites;
  • vehicles headed to Public entitiescompanies and companies providing public services and those in emergency calls or transporting material and / or personnel responsible for the execution of urgent works and works of public utility;
  • motor vehicles, motor vehicles and mopeds with on board a medical health insurance company on a home visit;
  • motor vehicles carrying carriers of serious illness;
  • motor vehicles, motor vehicles and mopeds they carry therapeutic gas or medicines;
  • the cars and buses of the companies of public transport, taxis and tourist buses

To know all other derogations, consult the site of the Municipality of Naples.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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