Chills of Summer at the Botanical Garden of Naples with shows, concerts and dinner with crime


In the wonderful Real Botanical Garden of Naples from Friday 1 July 2022 at 21:00 the wonderful adventure of the cultural review begins Chills in the summer, now in its twenty-first edition.

The event, now historic, is organized by Il Pozzo and Il Pendolo, Naples theater, and was born from an idea of ​​Annamaria Russo, supported by the municipality of Naples and the Federico II University.

For forty days, until August 6, 2022, Chills in the summer will allow you to spend a special summer, between theater, music and literature, against the truly suggestive background of nature.

The twenty-first edition of Chills in the summer

The program of the twenty-first edition of Broglie D'estate springs from this thought: “For every minute we keep our eyes closed, we lose sixty seconds of light” and it is really full of events with about 14 shows.

In particular, two new productions, classics of the Pozzo and the Pendulum and of the guest companies and the beautiful ones dinners with crime.


Here is the schedule of appointments:

1 and 2 July

  • Vipera by Maurizio de Giovanni, with the participation of Rosaria de Cicco, Marianita Carfora, Sonia De Rosa, Paolo Cresta, Salvatore Catanese, Alfredo Mundo, Gennaro Monti, Nino Conte, Emanuel Mauriello

July 7

  • Teatro dell'Osso with the support of Teatro TRAM present Controvento texts and direction by Gennaro Esposito. The show will be open to a maximum of 40 people with first entry at 19:30 and second entry at 21:30.

July 8

  • First appointment with The Dinner with Crime.

9 and 10 July

  • The show A Te, Masaniello, dramaturgy and direction by Annamaria Russo

July 13

  • Appointment with Sottosopra by and with Gea Martire, music composed and performed by Valerio Virzo.

July 14

  • On stage The Night of magical tales by Gennaro Monti

July 15

  • Di Donne in canto, a sung and recited path, by Antonella Morea

July 16

  • Paolo Crespa on stage with Novecento, by Alessandro Baricco.

July 17

  • The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante with Rosaria De Cicco

July 20

  • Appointment with Adolf before Hitler by Antonio Nocciola

July 21

  • Teatro dell'Osso presents Women are monsters, by Marina Salvetti

July 22

  • Unmissable second appointment of La Cena con delitto

23 and 24 July

  • Il Pozzo e il Pendolo presents Circe, by Madeline Miller

July 28

  • The Novella show and the others directed by Erminia Sticchi

30 and 31 July

  • On the program One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

5 August

  • Farsescamente, written and directed by Gianmarco Cesario

6 August

  • Last appointment with the Supper with crime

Information on Chills in the Summer


1 July-6 August 2022


Real Botanical Garden, Via Foria, 223, 80139 Naples NA

Prices and timetables

Consult the official website


Official website

Image source: NapoliClick

  • Where: Botanical Garden
  • When:
    • Friday July 01 2022
    • Saturday July 02 2022
    • Thursday July 07 2022
    • Friday July 08 2022
    • Saturday July 09 2022
    • Sunday July 10 2022
    • Wednesday July 13 2022
    • Thursday July 14 2022
    • Friday July 15 2022
    • Saturday July 16 2022
    • Sunday July 17 2022
    • Wednesday July 20 2022
    • Thursday July 21 2022
    • Friday July 22 2022
    • Saturday July 23 2022
    • Sunday July 24 2022
    • Thursday July 28 2022
    • Saturday July 30 2022
    • Sunday July 31 2022
    • Friday August 05 2022
    • Saturday August 06 2022
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Written by Serena De Luca
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