Timeless fairy tales at the Botanical Garden of Naples with many shows for children

Timeless fairy tales

At l 'Botanical Garden of Naples from Saturday 18 March 2023 to Wednesday 31 May 2023 the twenty-seventh edition of Timeless fairy tales, an appointment to which both adults and children are invited.

Guests, in a place completely in contact with nature, will be able to immerse themselves in the magic of timeless stories, from Arthur and Merlin to the Ugly Duckling, up to the stories of Aesop, Phaedrus and La Fontaine. The event was born from the collaboration between the Theaters and by 'Federico II University of Naples.

On the program there will be 5 titles appropriately selected from the masterpieces of universal literature for children and youth and which will take place over 60 days of shows.


The shows will take place in two time slots: 09:30 and 11:00.

18 March - 5 April 2023

  • Arthur and Merlin. Merlin is a great master gifted with great wisdom but also a bit bungling, in fact having been born at the wrong end of time, he never knows if events have already happened or have yet to happen. Arthur, on the other hand, is a special child, orphaned, destined to become the king. Recommended age 5-10 years.

12 - 30 April 2023

  • An ugly duckling. From a brood of ducklings there is one very particular one, different from the others because it is grey, big and awkward. Although the mother tries to accept him, the others reject him and for this reason the ugly duckling runs away until he arrives at a pool of stagnant water where he sees a group of beautiful swans who welcome him. Reflecting himself in the water, he realizes that he has become a beautiful swan. Recommended age 5-10 years.

10 - 31 May 2023

  • Without cat or boots. The old miller's cat destined for the youngest son turns out to be a precious and irreplaceable resource.

5 - 31 May 2023

  • The Fables of Wisdom. On stage The fox and the grapes, the fox and the stork, the wolf and the lamb, the grasshopper and the ant, the hare and the turtle, the wolf and the crane.

15 - 31 May 2023

  • Story of a tree and a child. The story of a tree's love for a child, friend and playmate. For children aged 3 to 8 years.

To participate in the shows the reservation is mandatory.

Contacts and information

The Theaters official website | Facebook page The Theaters | tel. 081 033 06 19 - 327 07 95 871

  • Where: Botanical Garden, Via Foria, Naples
  • When: from Saturday 18 March 2023 to Wednesday 31 May 2023, from 09 am
  • Closed on days:
    • Thursday April 06 2023
    • Friday April 07 2023
    • Saturday April 08 2023
    • Sunday April 09 2023
    • Monday April 10 2023
    • Tuesday 11 April 2023
    • Monday May 01 2023
    • Tuesday May 02 2023
    • Wednesday May 03 2023
    • Thursday May 04 2023
  • Prezzi:
    • Festive ticket: €8
    • Weekday ticket: €7
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Written by Serena De Luca
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