Traveling show with crime at the Portici Botanical Garden with a case to be solved

Show with crime

Are you a yellow fan and do you want to spend a special day? Then you can't miss the appointment atBotanical Garden of Portici with a Traveling show with crime which will take place on Saturday 30 July in two time slots, at 17 pm and 45 pm.

The event is organized by the Karma Cultural Association and by the director Antonio Ruocco, a show already organized at the Railway Museum of Pietrarsa and at the Mav and which has met with incredible success.

This time the show will take place in a suggestive place, completely in contact with nature.

What does the show consist of

Guests will take part in the event in first person, in fact they will be able to take notes throughout the course of the show and then they will be called to identify the murderer, the motive and the murder weapon.

It will therefore be a real investigation, in which people will help King Ferdinand to find the culprit among the various suspects. Six will be the actors on stage, including five murder suspects.

Guests will be divided into teams and will have to try to pick up various clues and signals between the interrogations carried out by King Ferdinand. At the end of the show, the first 3 teams will be awarded prizes.

On stage:

  • King Ferdinand played by Ciro Scherma
  • Malogno, trusted friend of the king played by Ciro Pellegrino
  • Gioacchino, the stable boy, played by Angelo Imperatore
  • Lord Pent played by Diego Consiglio
  • Madame Julie played by Maria Claudia Pesapane
  • Timballo, the cook, played by Angelo Iannace

Information on Show with crime at the Botanical Garden


July 30 2022


Real Botanical Garden, Via Università 100, Portici

Working hours:

17 hours: 45 and 19: 15


For rules, reservations and prices: Whatsapp: 3427329719

Image source: Antonio Ruocco

  • Where: Portici Botanical Garden
  • When: Saturday 30 July 2022, from 17pm
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Written by Serena De Luca
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