Campania Libri Festival, dates, complete program and guests

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Campania Libri Festival is a celebration of literary culture which involves the Campania region in a cauldron of ideas, dialogues and discoveries. An experience that transcends mere reading and takes the form of a holistic and stimulating event.

The main theme: Italo Calvino

This year the festival pays homage to Italo Calvino, a key figure of Italian and international literature. Calvino's genius will be analyzed through various perspectives: from his innovative style to the philosophical and social commitment that permeates his works.

The dates of the Campania Libri Festival

Don't miss the opportunity to participate: the festival is scheduled from 5 to 8 October 2023. Four days that promise to be a real celebration of culture, with a range of activities for all tastes.

Internships and other opportunities for students

The Campania Libri Festival is not only a container of events, but also a laboratory of opportunities for students and young professionals. Workshops, internships and masterclasses are just some of the initiatives that aim to provide practical skills in the publishing world.

The guests of the event

This year the Campania Libri Festival welcomes an exceptional variety of voices, both Italian and international. Among foreign authors, the preview on October 2nd is dedicated to Benjamin Labatut, known for his investigations into the world of science. Followed by authors of caliber such as Guillermo Arriaga, known for his screenplays of films such as “Amores Perros” and “Babel”, and the French Maylis Besserie, winner of the Goncourt Prix. An unmissable meeting will be the one between crime writer Petros Markaris and Maurizio De Giovanni, while names such as Jude Ellison Sady Doyle and Helga Flatland will enrich the debate on topics such as feminism, queer culture and Scandinavian literature.

As for the Italian scene, the parterre is equally stimulating. Emanuele Trevi, Paolo Di Paolo and Igiaba Scego are just some of the established authors who will be present. Emerging voices such as Aurora Tamigio and Gian Marco Griffi will find space alongside scholars of great standing such as Mauro Bonazzi and Enrico Malato. And there is certainly no shortage of crime writers: from Luca Crovi to Patrizia Rinaldi, the list is long and varied.

Further attractions include popular faces such as Mario Martone and Alessandro Cattelan, as well as a focus on poetry and a series of meetings dedicated to the world of audiovisual, with the presence of names such as Carlo Verdone and Pupi Avati.

To conclude, the event will also host a series of awards and ceremonies of national importance, enhanced by the presence of personalities such as Dacia Maraini, Roberto Mercadini and Marcello Cesena.

International Authors:

  • Benjamin Labatut
  • Guillermo arriaga
  • Maylis Besserie
  • Petros markaris
  • Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
  • Helga Flatland
  • Manuel Vilas
  • Irene Vallejo
  • Katerina Poladjan

Italian authors:

  • Emmanuel Trevi
  • Paul DiPaolo
  • Igiaba Scego
  • George Falcon
  • Matteo B. Bianchi
  • Francesca Giannone
  • Maria Grazia Calandrone
  • Aurora Thames
  • Gian Marco Griffi
  • Beatrice Salvioni
  • Monica Acito
  • Mauro Bonazzi
  • Paolo Giulierini
  • Vittorio Lingiardi
  • Enrico Malato
  • Andrea Graziosi
  • Luca Crovi
  • Enrico Pandiani
  • Patrizia Rinaldi
  • Sara Bilotti
  • Serena Venditto
  • Luca Delgado
  • Piera Charlemagne
  • Giancarlo Piacci

Other Personalities:

  • Mario Martone
  • Alessandro cattelan
  • Antonio Latella
  • Father Enzo Fortunato
  • Luca Trapanese
  • Michele Reich (Zerocalcare)
  • Josephine Yole Signorelli (Fumettibrutti)
  • Salvatore Esposito
  • Peppe Servillo
  • Francesco Pannofino


  • Nico Bleutge
  • Dimitris Lyacos
  • Milo De Angelis
  • Bruno Galluccio
  • Federico Italian
  • Laura Pugno
  • Thomas Di Dio
  • Marilena Renda


  • Carlo Verdone
  • Pupi Avati
  • Mario Martone
  • Ippolita Di Maio
  • Ludovica Rampoldi
  • Valia Santella
  • Monica Rametta
  • Federica Pontremoli

The thematic routes

The Campania Libri Festival is a crossroads of themes and discussions. From the classical literature to social themes, from the environmental issue to cultural diversity, the thematic itineraries of the festival are an invitation to look at the world from different angles.

The program of the Campania Libri Festival

The program is rich and varied, designed for satisfy a wide range of interests and curiosities. In addition to panels and conferences, there will be interactive events, networking opportunities, art exhibitions and, of course, moments where authors can dedicate their books to the public.

The program for October 5th

Working hours:SalaEvent
10:00-14:00Rapidity RoomMeetings with schools
10:30-11:45Multiplicity Room“Writing cinema” with Pupi Avati
10:30-12:30Lightness RoomAward ceremony for the project “Adopt a philosopher + a scientist”
10:30-12:30Coherence Room“Dialogues” dramaturgy workshop with Stefania Bruno
10:30-12:30Hall ExactitudeWorkshop “We discover rights through words and images”
10:30-12:30Visibility RoomScreenwriting workshop “Writing cinema: Pier Paolo Pasolini, his 100 faces”
12:00-13:30Multiplicity Room“Counterrevolution. The social role of the artist between creativity and legality”
12:45-14:00Lightness RoomPresentation of the book “Who was it? How to become responsible citizens”
12:45-14:00Coherence RoomPresentation and award ceremony of the “Book Hunters” contest
12:45-14:00Hall ExactitudePresentation of the book “The Hundred Lives of Cagliostro”
12:45-14:00Visibility RoomPresentation of the project “The book is made in four”
Working hours:SalaEvent
15:00-16:15Rapidity RoomPresentation of the book “The woman who laughed at God. And other stories from the Bible”
15:00-16:15Lightness RoomPresentation of the book “When we were happy. Italy-Argentina 1990: the match where everything ends"
16:00-17:15Coherence RoomPresentation of the book “Incanto”
16:00-17:15Hall ExactitudePoetry meetings
16:00-17:15Visibility RoomPresentation of the book “Better not to know. Three children in the Shoah”
16:00-18:00Multiplicity RoomMeeting with the winner of the Matilde Serao Prize
16:30-17:45Rapidity RoomMeeting between Zerocalcare and Eddi Marcucci
16:30-17:45Lightness Room“First meeting on detective stories”
17:30-18:45Coherence RoomPresentation of the book “The no's that I don't say to others are the ones you impose on yourself”
17:30-20:30Hall Exactitude“Lab Mediterraneo NEXT” photography workshop
17:30-18:45Visibility RoomPresentation of the book “Looking for an innocent country. Peace is possible in a shattered world”
18:00-19:15Rapidity RoomPresentation of the book “The navel of the dream. A dreamlike journey”
18:15-19:30Multiplicity Room“The Dialogues of the Republic” event
18:00-19:30Lightness RoomPresentation of the book “The war of women”
19:00-20:15Coherence RoomPresentation of the book “The way of the sisters”
19:00-20:15Visibility RoomPresentation of the book “How not to teach philosophy”
21:00-22:00Multiplicity RoomDramatized reading “The road of San Giovanni”

Program for October 6th

Working hours:SalaEvent TitleSpeakers / Moderators / Collaborators
10:00-14:00MultiplicityMeetings with schoolsRegional School Office
10:00-12:00LightnessMeetings with schoolsRegional School Office
10:30-11:45Quickness…across the sea and far awayEnrico Malato, Andrea Mazzucchi
10:30-12:30CoherencePublishing laboratoryStefania Cantelmo, Giuseppe D'Antonio
10:30-14:00AccuracyMediterranean Lab NEXTDaniele Aguzzoli
10:30-11:45Visibility…in the heart of the presentMirella Armiero, Alessio Forgione, Gianluca Nativo, Antonella Ossorio
12:00-13:15QuicknessElsa Morante AwardMattia Villardita
12:00-13:15Visibility…the words, the stories, the silencesLuca Giachi, Adriana Passione
12:15-13:30Lightness…other frequenciesPeppe Bianchessi, Luca Crovi
12:45-14:00CoherenceUnder the weight of icing sugarViviana Vitari
13:30-14:45Quickness…the words, the stories, the silencesAlessandro Iannace, Ettore De Lorenzo
16:00-17:15QuicknessWriting cinema – for womenLudovica Rampoldi, Valia Santella, Monica Rametta
16:00-17:15MultiplicityElsa Morante AwardMarcello cesena
16:00-17:15Lightness…the words, the stories, the silencesAurora Thamigio, Elisabetta Abignente
16:00-17:15Coherence…in the heart of the presentMauro Bonazzi, Ernesto Forcellino
16:00-17:15Visibility…in the heart of the presentArnaldo Testi, Massimiliano Del Gaudio
17:30-18:45Multiplicity…other frequenciesMaurizio De Giovanni, Peppe Servillo
17:30-18:45Quickness…the words, the stories, the silencesMatteo B. Bianchi, Monica Acito
17:30-18:45Lightness…other frequenciesMarco Ciriello, Gianni Montieri
17:30-18:45Coherence…other frequenciesValerio Minnella
17:30-18:45Accuracy…in the heart of the presentTommaso Di Dio, Bernardo De Luca
17:30-18:45Visibility…other frequenciesVincenzo Imperatore, Francesco De Luca
19:00-20:15MultiplicityEvent THE DIALOGUES OF THE REPUBBLICA-
19:00-20:30Quickness…across the sea and far awayPetros Markaris, Maurizio De Giovanni
19:00-20:30Lightness…across the sea and far awayHelga Flatland, Maria Cristina Lombardi
19:00-20:15Coherence…across the sea and far awayPaolo Giulierini, Carlo Rescigno
19:00-20:15Accuracy…other frequenciesEmanuele Coen, Maria Chiara Ausilio
19:00-20:15Visibility…other frequenciesUgly Comics, Matteo Stefanelli
21:00-22:00MultiplicityThe CosmicomicsNadia Baldi

Program for October 7th

Working hours:SalaEvent Title and Participants
10:30 - 12:45Multiplicity Room“Writing cinema – Writing as a couple” with Mario Martone and Ippolita di Majo
10:30 - 12:00Rapidity RoomPresentation of the finalists of the Napoli Prize
10:30 - 11:45Lightness RoomPaolo di Paolo presents “Novel without humans”
10:30 - 12:30Coherence Room“Fantastic and disturbing” narrative workshop
10:30 - 13:30Hall ExactitudeIl Tritacarne, literary consultancy for aspiring writers
10:30 - 11:45Visibility RoomCarlo Rainone presents “The photo with Dios. Naples 1984-1991”
12:00 - 14:00Visibility Room“Mediterraneo NEXT” conference
12:00 - 13:30Lightness RoomMaylis Besserie presents “The missing loves”
12:15 - 13:30Rapidity RoomDialogue on publishing and the state of the art
12:45 - 13:30Multiplicity RoomMeeting with Guillermo Arriaga
12:45 - 14:00Coherence RoomNicola De Blasi, Rita Librandi, Francesco Montuori present “For the Neapolitan Linguistic Heritage”
14:30 - 15:45Rapidity RoomPier Vittorio Buffa presents “The house of strawberry grapes”
14:30 - 15:45Coherence RoomPaolo Petroni presents “The writing of the theatre”
15:30 - 16:45Hall ExactitudePoetry dialogue between Marilena Renda and Bruno Galluccio
16:00 - 17:15Multiplicity RoomCristina Fogazzi presents “My Grand Tour”
16:00 - 17:15Rapidity RoomPresentation of the 2023 Strega Prize book “Come d’aria”
16:00 - 17:30Lightness RoomJude Ellison Sady Doyle presents “Maw”
16:00 - 17:15Coherence RoomDialogue between Gianni Solla and Monica Acito
16:00 - 17:15Visibility RoomConversation with Francesco Pannofino and Gianluca Cherubini
17:00 - 18:30Hall ExactitudePoetry meetings with Nico Bleutge
17:00 - 18:50Flame RoomCimitile Award – “Fiction mirroring the times”
17:30 - 19:00Multiplicity RoomEvent The Dialogues of Repubblica
17:30 - 18:45Rapidity RoomMichele Zatta presents “Maybe another”
17:45 - 19:00Lightness RoomEmanuele Trevi presents “The magician's house”
17:30 - 18:45Coherence RoomClaudia Durastanti presents “Let's spit on Hegel”
17:30 - 18:45Visibility RoomFrancesca Giannone presents “The postman”
18:45 - 20:15Hall ExactitudeDimitris Lyacos presents “Poena damni”
19:15 - 20:30Rapidity RoomNicola Campogrande presents “Journey to the center of the orchestra”
19:00 - 20:15Coherence RoomGiorgio Falco presents “The paradox of survival”
19:00 - 20:15Visibility RoomCarlo Vecce presents “Caterina's smile”
19:15 - 20:30Multiplicity RoomAlessandro Cattelan presents the Accento publishing house
19:00 - 20:30Lightness RoomNaples among books, sounds, words and passions with Juergen Boos and Raiz

Program for October 8th

Working hours:SalaEvent TitleParticipants / Notes
10:00-11:15Visibility RoomPublic reading in Campania and urban regenerationCoordinated by MARIA PIA CACACE, in collaboration with the Italian Library Association
10:30-11:45Multiplicity RoomWriting cinemaSeries of meetings organized by TITTA FIORE, EVENT TO BE DEFINED
10:30-11:45Rapidity Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “Blood Eclipse. A new investigation of the Shaman” by SALVATORE ESPOSITO
10:30-11:45Lightness Room…in the heart of the presentRound table on the organization and meaning of a literary event
10:30-12:00Coherence Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “Constant Love” by MANUEL VILAS
10:30-13:30Hall ExactitudeIl Tritacarne, literary consultancy service for aspiring writersBy GIULIO MOZZI
11:30-12:45Visibility Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “Recess is over” by DARIO FERRARI
12:00-13:15Multiplicity Room…other frequenciesPresentation of “Don't ask me who I am” by LUCA TRAPANESE
12:00-13:15Rapidity Room…in the heart of the presentPresentation of “Jewish Jew hook nose. Everything you need to know about the Jews but never dared to ask” by DAVID PARENZO
12:00-13:15Lightness Room…in the heart of the presentPresentation of “The fall. Chronicles from the end of fascism” by EZIO MAURO
12:15-13:45Coherence Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “The Music of the Future” by KATERINA POLADJIAN
13:00-14:15Visibility Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of the re-edition of “Malacqua” by NICOLA PUGLIESE by FRANCESCO PALMIERI
15:00-16:15Visibility Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “In Naples with Raffaele La Capria” by MICHELA MONFERRINI
16:00-17:15Multiplicity RoomElsa Morante Award presents:DACIA MARAINI, “I'm talking to you, are you listening to me? Three women on stage”
16:00-17:15Rapidity RoomEvent THE DIALOGUES OF THE REPUBBLICA
16:00-17:30Lightness Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “Cassandra in Mogadishu” by IGIABA SCEGO
16:00-17:15Coherence Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “Where you didn't take me. My mother, a news story” by MARIA GRAZIA CALANDRONE
16:00-17:15Hall Exactitude…other frequenciesPresentation of “The alternative plot. Dreams and practices of transformative justice against gender violence" by Giusi Palomba
16:30-17:45Visibility RoomTuttInLibro: growing with accessible readingEvent in collaboration with the Italian Library Association
17:30-18:45Multiplicity Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “Nineteenth century Neapolitan” by GIANNI ZITELLI
17:30-18:45Rapidity RoomOnda Novara Award
17:30-19:00Lightness Room…in the heart of the presentRound table on the organization and meaning of a literary event
17:30-18:45Coherence Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “The children of Odessa” by ALESSANDRO BARICCO
17:30-18:45Hall ExactitudeIl Tritacarne, literary consultancy service for aspiring writersBy GIULIO MOZZI
18:00-19:15Visibility Room…in the heart of the presentRound table on the organization and meaning of a literary event
18:30-19:45Multiplicity Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “The great history of music” by MIMMO FRANZESE
18:30-19:45Rapidity Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “The dream hunter. The investigation into non-performing mortgages” by SABRINA FAGGIANI
19:00-20:15Lightness RoomNino Taranto Award
19:00-20:30Coherence Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “Il tempo di Capa” by DANIELA CARRER
19:00-20:15Hall Exactitude…in the heart of the presentPresentation of “The language of Italy” by FRANCESCO DE GREGORI
19:30-20:45Visibility RoomElsa Morante Award presents:LEONARDO SABBATINI, “Beautiful, cruel and dead. Elsa Morante between life and myth”
20:00-21:15Multiplicity Room…in the heart of the presentRound table on the organization and meaning of a literary event
20:00-21:15Rapidity Room…across the sea and far awayPresentation of “The Black Book of the Israeli Occupation” by GIDEON LEVY
20:00-21:30Lightness Room…in the heart of the presentRound table on the organization and meaning of a literary event
20:00-21:15Coherence Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “The fear of evil” by RENATO MAURIZIO
20:00-21:15Hall Exactitude…other frequenciesPresentation of “A dangerous thing” by VALERIO VARESI
20:30-21:45Visibility Room…the words, the stories, the silencesPresentation of “The great history of rock” by FRANCESCO DE GREGORI
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  • Where: Royal Palace of Naples
  • When: from Thursday 05 October 2023 to Sunday 08 October 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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