Milo Manara exhibition in Avellino with celebratory illustrations on Mozart

Milo Manara exhibition
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At Irpino Museum, the annual exhibition calendar is enriched with an exceptional event: a tribute to Milo Manara, one of the undisputed masters of comics. Milo Manara – That's what everyone does.

The metamorphoses of love takes the place of the originally planned event, maintaining the dates of January 13 to March 9, 2024. The exhibition, one of a kind, brings Manara's original sketches inspired by Mozart's opera to Avellino for the first time, and as a national preview Così fan tutte.

When does it last and which works are exhibited

The exhibition, the result of collaboration among several internationally renowned theater entities and directed by Stefano Vizioli, offers an unprecedented look at the scenography and the opera's costumes, reinterpreted through Manara's artistic and innovative lens.

His style, at the same time playful and refined, brings scenarios to life and characters which oscillate between mythological and realistic, between the ancient and the modern.

The exhibition does not limit itself to presenting Manara's artistic visions linked to the work of Mozart, but enriches the experience with nine illustrations celebrating 250 years from Mozart's first Italian concert. Milo Manara – That's what everyone does.

The metamorphoses of love invites the visitor to immerse themselves in a universe where art, music and comics come together in a continuous and stimulating dialogue, making the experience not only unique but also participatory, thanks to Manara's ability to emotionally and visually involve those who venture into its works.

The exhibition welcomes enthusiasts with free entry on January 13th, and then remain open to the public until March 9th, offering a privileged window into Manara's interpretation of one of Mozart's masterpieces, thus enriching the cultural panorama proposed by COMICON.

The event fits into a series of international initiatives who see the comic as protagonist, confirming the commitment of COMICON in the promotion of pop culture through exhibitions, publications and the representation of artists of international caliber.

  • Where: Irpino Museum
  • When: from Saturday 13 January 2024 to Wednesday 13 March 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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