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Il 27 October 2023 It represents a significant date for all lovers of science and innovation. The University of Sannio will in fact be the stage for an event that will act as a prelude to the wait XXXVII edition of Futuro Remoto.

The central theme this year is one of the most intriguing and complex: "Intelligencies".

The preview of Futuro Remoto in Benevento

On this occasion, Benevento takes on a central role, becoming the fulcrum of a day full of activities and events. This appointment represents an extension of the programming of Remote Future, which will have its main event in Città della Scienza-Naples.

The focus on intelligence: artificial and biological

The event is not limited to a mere academic disquisition, but broadens the concept of Intelligences to various areas of knowledge, from neuroscience to the literature, involving a diverse panel of experts and scholars.

It intends to range from theoretical reflections to more applied and concrete considerations, involving the public in a multidisciplinary dialogue.

Laboratories, experiments and demonstrations: a day full of events

The Uuniversity of Sannio has prepared a varied programme of laboratories, experiments and demonstrations, with particular attention to scientific dissemination. Meetings will be held in various locations on campus, and the offer is so vast that it ranges from artificial intelligence in music and art, to a treasure hunt for the little ones.

The goal is to make learning a challenging adventure and engaging for all ages.

This initiative aims to spread knowledge, stimulate interest and inspire both young people and adults to immerse themselves in the ever-changing world

Rector of the University of Sannio, Gerardo Canfora

Complete program of the event on October 28th

Working hours:the EVENT
09:30-11:30Colored intelligence: neuroscientists of the future
09:30-11:30A journey into the world of fossils: “Ciro” the Scipionyx samniticus from Pietraroja
09:30-11:30Intelligence to the rhythm of music
09:30-11:30Seminar organized by the “Nicola Sala” State Conservatory of Music - Benevento
09:30-11:30Effects of pollutants on ecosystems: plants intelligent test organisms
09:30-11:30Material culture in the ancient world between skill and intelligence of know-how
09:30-11:30From amino acid sequence to drug design thanks to artificial intelligence
09:30-11:30Ransomware Monitor
09:30-11:30Intelligent technologies in civil engineering: paradigm comparison
09:30-11:30Genius is in the genes
10:00-11:00Come and meet the house of the future: hydrogen and renewables for the NZEB of Benevento
11:30-12:30Intelligence: artificial vs natural?
11:30-12:30Intelligence vs emotion in the art of interpretation
12:00-13:00Treasure hunt
13:00-14:00ONE-TO-ONE with researchers
  • Where: University of Sannio
  • When: Saturday 28 October 2023, from 09:30
  • Price: the event is free
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