Cecily Brown at the Capodimonte Museum with the masterpiece The Triumph of Death

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In the Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte in Naples, starting from 10 February to 30 September 2022, the beautiful work entitled The Triumph of Death, 2019.

It is a monumental canvas, approximately 535,94 cm x 535,94 cm, one of the largest ever made by the artist Cecily brown. The painting was created following a trip to Sicily in the spring of 2019, during which the artist was fascinated by the fresco The Triumph of Death dating back to 1400 and located in the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo.

The description of the canvas

The exhibition of the painting The Triumph of Death, 2019 by Cecily Brown is part of the project "The Opera tells itself" and as in the original version it represents death with an apocalyptic knight riding a white horse who gets rid of the living he meets.

The canvas is divided into four panels by a cross, just like in the original work, and relates to themes such as destruction, recovery and reconstitution.

In short, a beautiful work that is worth seeing, in addition to all the others by Cecily Brown that will be exhibited for the occasion.

Information on Cecily Brown in Capodimonte


From February 19th to September 30th 2022, closed on Wednesdays


Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte, Via Miano 2 Naples

Working hours:

08: 30-19: 30 (last admission 18.30)


Full ticket 12 euros, reduced ticket 2 euros (18-25 years)


Official site of the Capodimonte Museum

  • Where: Museum of Capodimonte, Naples
  • When: from Thursday 10 February 2022 to Friday 30 September 2022, from 08:30 to 19:30
  • Closed on days:
    • Wednesday
  • Prezzi:
    • Full ticket: €12
    • Reduced ticket: €2
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