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BigMama, Alias Marianna Mammone, it's a force of nature in Italian rap. From Avellino a Milano, has transformed challenges into art, becoming a symbol of resilience and authenticity. His music, a mix of incisive flow and deep themes like the Bullying , body positivity, makes it a point of reference for many.

Ready to discover the journey of BigMama, from her personal struggle to the national spotlight?

BigMama's origins and musical training

BigMama, born Marianna Mammone il 10 March 2000 ad Avellino, began his journey in music without guides or teachers. In a family far from the musical world, Marianna he found in the music a refuge and a means to express oneself, learning through self-taught karaoke, singing competitions e various choirs, from school to the town theater. His passion for rap emerges a 13 years, when he starts recording his first ones freestyle with his cell phone, keeping them to himself due to his shyness. Only in 2016, encouraged by her friends, decides to share her pieces, paving the way for her future career.

The move to Milan and the fight against cancer, depression and adversity

Il transfer to Milan to study City planning al Polytechnic represents a turning point for BigMama. This city, with its cultural effervescence and multiple opportunities, becomes the ideal stage for his music. Milano not only amplifies his visibility but also marks the beginning of a phase of intense artistic creativity, witnessed by various freestyle that capture the label's attention Pluggers.

Just when his career seems to be taking off, BigMama faces a devastating challenge: the diagnosis of cancer in 2020. Despite the harsh treatment and obstacles, his determination does not waver. Her music becomes her lifeline, helping her navigate through the storm of illness and find the strength to come back stronger than before.

BigMama's musical career: from debut to success

BigMama marked his entry into the world of music with the release of freestyle su YouTube, quickly gaining public attention and admiration. His participation in X Factor in 2018 and subsequent signing with the label Pluggers they solidified his place in the music industry. The 2019 marks a turning point with the launch of the single “Mayday“, followed by the powerful return in 2021 with "TooMuch", produced by Crookers, which previews his first album “Next Big Thing”. This project, enriched by the featuring of ensi, and his performance at Concert of May Day a Roma, reveal to the world his resilience, his talent and his ability to transform adversity into art. His story, made up of personal battles and musical triumphs, culminates with his participation in the 2024 Festival of Sanremo, symbol of his undisputed recognition in the Italian musical panorama.

BigMama's musical style and themes

BigMama stands out in the Italian rap scene for his unique style and deep themes which he addresses in his songs. With a safe flow and powerful voice, touches on topics such as Bullying,love for oneself, body positivity andfemale emancipation, making his music not only an artistic expression, but also a powerful social message. His ability to be vulnerable e authentic in her songs she creates a strong bond with the public, who sees themselves in her words and finds a point of reference and inspiration in her.

BigMama she's not just a rapper, but one narrator of daily challenges and victories, who with his art encourages listeners to be proud of who they are and to fight for their dreams.

Social commitment and activism

In addition to his music, BigMama actively engages in social causes, becoming testimonial of campaigns against Bullying and in favor of body positivity. Her commitment transcends the artistic dimension, making it one influential voice in the fight for acceptance and inclusion. Through his songs and his actions, BigMama offers support and encouragement to those who feel marginalized or misunderstood, promoting a message of hope e courage.

His dedication to these causes reflects his vision of a world in which art can be a powerful tool for social change, inspiring others to believe in themselves and their rights.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Official Instagram
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