Sanremo 2025, who will be the new host?

Amadeus during the Sanremo press conference
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Il 2024 Festival of Sanremo concluded its journey by goring the winner Angelina Mango, in second place Geolier, but now everyone is already curious about the next edition in 2025. Who will be next conduttore of the Sanremo 2025?

Amadeus says goodbye to the festival

During the press conference on February 5th announced his farewell to management after six years. A love that never fades, but leaves room for new horizons, underlining how every adventure has its epilogue.

With sincere words full of affection, he admits his perpetual love for this event, while recognizing that the time has come to move on. “I remain in love, but it is natural to conclude”, he confesses, suggesting that five editions of driving have been an incredible journey, but also a chapter to write about close with gratitude and nostalgia.

Who could be the next host?

La RAI is working to choose the face that will lead the Festival, among well-known faces and surprises. Here are some of the names circulating in the panorama of possible hosts, each with their own peculiarities and the potential to leave an indelible mark on the singing festival of Sanremo.

Alessandro cattelan

Alessandro cattelan emerges as an intriguing candidate to lead Sanremo 2025. His career, which began among the juries of prestigious music festivals and then exploded with prominent roles on TV and radio, makes him an ideal profile for the stage ofAriston.

Paul Bonolis

Paul Bonolis, with a decade-long career behind him, is synonymous with versatility and professionalism in the Italian television scene. Having already led the Festival of Sanremo on two separate occasions, Bonolis knows well the dynamics and challenges that this role entails.

Alessia Marcozzi

Alessia Marcozzi represents a prominent female figure in the panorama of potential hosts of Sanremo 2025. Her long experience in highly successful programs, combined with her ability to manage complex formats and extensive live broadcasts, make her an important candidate.

Geppi Cucciari

Geppi Cucciari, with its unique style and brilliance, is a candidate as one of the possible surprises for the management of Sanremo 2025. A talented comedian and presenter, Cucciari has demonstrated that she possesses that versatility and interpretative depth that could translate into a host capable of alternating moments of lightness with deeper reflections.

Stephen DeMartino

Stephen DeMartino emerges as a bold and contemporary choice for Sanremo 2025. His artistic background, which ranges from dance to television hosting, combined with a transversal appeal, make him an interesting candidate for a festival that seeks to renew itself while maintaining the link with tradition.

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