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Born in Maratea on 10 April 2001, Angelina Mango emerges as a promising young woman in the Italian music scene. Raised in an environment imbued with art, with an excellent father in the field of music like the late Giuseppe Mango and such a talented mother Laura Valente of the ex Matia Bazar, Angelina showed an early inclination for art.

Career and awards

Angelina publishes his first two unreleased songs directly on Spotify, “His Law” and “Nero”, attracting the attention of audiences and critics for his powerful voice and introspective writing.

Here is the timeline of his career:

  • 2020: Debut with the singles “La sua legge” and “Nero” on Spotify.
  • 2021: Presence as opening artist in Ron's concerts.
  • 2022: Participation and second position in the singing category at the Amici di school Maria DeFilippi.
  • 2023: Launch of his EP “Monolocale”.
  • 2024: Performance in the Big category at the Sanremo Festival with “I don't know anymore what to do”.

Angelina Mango's most significant creations

Despite her young career, Angelina already has excellent success.

The song "What do I tell you to do” he achieved over 24 million of listens on Spotify, and is second only to the song “Ci pensiero Tomorrow” which has reached and exceeded 56 million plays on Spotify.

Angelina's father, the “Mango” singer

Il Angelina's father, known to the public as Mango, was an iconic artist of the 80s and 90s, with a repertoire that included diversified genres from pop to soul. Despite her passing on December 7, 2014, her father's legacy and influence remain a key component in the singer-songwriter's life and career.

How Father Mango died

Mango's cause of death was a heart attack. The singer felt ill while he was there in a restaurant with his family. He complained of severe chest pain and he collapsed to the ground. Rescue was immediate, but unfortunately it was impossible to save him.

Mango's death shocked the world of Italian music. He was a much loved and respected artist, with a long and successful career. His music will live on forever in the hearts of his fans.

The mark left by mango in his daughter's art

Angelina Mango's connection with music inherited from his father it is an example of a generational shift of passion and talent in the art world.
Mango's innovative musical style and the tragic epilogue of her life have left an indelible mark not only on the history of Italian music, but also on the path of Angelina, who continues to carry on the family tradition with commitment and originality.

Curiosities about Angelina Mango

Angelina Mango also reveals her personality through her artistic choices and personal interests, including:

  • Fiancé: Antonio Cirigliano, guitarist.
  • Hobby: Composition of poems and stories, playing the piano.
  • Passions: Music, dance, fashion.
  • Musical influences: Billie Eilish, Jorja Smith, Mahalia.

Angelina Mango's favorites

And his preferences include:

  • Song: “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.
  • Book: “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • Film: “The fabulous world of Amélie”.
  • TV series: "Stranger Things".
  • Quote: “Music is the only thing that can give me relief.”
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