Who is the presenter Barbara D'Urso: bio, career and private life

Who is Barbara D'Urso

If we talk about Barbara D'Urso, we are sure that we know very well who it is.
You may like it or not, but his professionalism and ability to entertain they are undisputed and demonstrated above all in his most famous programs.

Since she entered the world of street entertainment, she has made a lot of it and in this article we will get to know her better, both in terms of career and private life.

Barbara D'Urso, the biography

Barbara D'Urso is the pseudonym of Maria Carmela D'Urso and was born 7 of May 1957 in Naples. We don't have much information about his childhood, but we do know that his mother was of Calabrian origins, while his father was from Basilicata.

When he was just 11 years old, he had to face one of the most difficult times that a person dreads in life and we refer to mourning of mom. Thanks to the numerous interviews that she has released over time, we know that she is very close to her family and she has well 5 brothers. She, Alessandro and Daniela were born from the first marriage of their father and mother, while Eleonora, Riccardo and Fabiana are the fruit of their father's union with his new wife.

He spent his childhood and adolescence in his hometown, Napoli, but after turning 19 he decides to move to Milan to try his career as model. As for her educational qualification, we know that D'urso obtained a diploma from the Liceo Classico, but she did not continue with university.

Work and career

As we have just said, Barbara D'Urso moves to Milan because her dream is to become a model, but unfortunately her stature does not allow her to achieve this dream. For this reason, she decides to devote herself to the world of entertainment and her own debut nice program will happen Goal which was broadcast on Telemilano 58 and which also saw other great known faces, namely Teo Teocoli, Diego Abatantuono, Massimo Boldi and Giorgio Porcaro.

Soon after, it will appear in other formats highly appreciated by the Italian public, including Sunday In, next to Pippo Baudo e What a combination. In many of her they notice not only her beauty but also her professionalism and she is chosen to fill some roles in some film, Such as Metropolitan blues, Wild grass e We love each other too much. It was the eighties.

In the nineties however, is appreciated not only as an actress, but also as conductor and to make matters worse he devoted himself to writing for a while. Indeed, he publishes a book entitled Weak is the flesh which is a huge success. Next, we will find her in the starring role in TV series entered the heart of the Italians, Doctor Giò.

The great success of Barbara D'Urso

Over the years, the artist decides to change his name because he realizes that his is too tied to his origins and is not suitable to the entertainment world. For this reason she will become Barbara D'Urso. The XNUMXs are those in which the woman asserts herself as conductor and we will find her again in prime time in the conduct of the third edition of Big Brother, when she was chosen to replace Daria Bignardi.

From 2006 to 2009 he will be at the helm de The Show of Records and in one of these we will meet for the first time Vittorio Brumotti who will set the first record on his bike. In 2006 and 2007 however, she will be the helmsman of the reality show The mole and also in this case, he takes over from Daria Bignardi. Still remaining in the XNUMXs, you will be in charge of large companies programs which in a short time find a resounding success and we can mention for example Afternoon 5 and Sunday 5th of, which will later become Sunday Live.

In 2017 he returned to the management of the Big Brother which in the meantime turns into the VIP version. In 2019 he leads Live – It's not D'Urso and was one of the presenters who dealt most with the case of Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone, culminating in one complaint to his detriment.

Finally, in 2022 she was entrusted with the de program The Pupa and the Nerdy, but this time he will cash in a big one failure as the transmission will reach the end, but the hoped-for results have not been remotely achieved. Reason why D'Urso does not come confirmed for the next edition.

Barbara d'Urso out of Afternoon 5

Mediaset, on 1 July, announced via press release that Barbara d'urso it will no longer lead afternoon5.

Canale 5 and Barbara d'Urso have agreed that from next season the artist will no longer host Afternoon 5». This was announced by Mediaset, thanking «Barbara for the professionalism shown and for the great work carried out at the helm of the network's afternoon program

Barbara d'Urso opens an event agency: B&Fable

Barbara d'urso has distanced itself from the Mediaset network, and it seems that it could definitively leave the world of television. The acclaimed presenter communicated her next step through her social profiles, and it seems that this will be far from the small screen.

Barbara d'urso has inaugurated an event organization company in collaboration with the expert entrepreneur Frances Caldarelli. The company is called B&Fable and bears the motto “Your time will be a Fable”. The social profiles of the enterprise were launched at the end of May 2023, and on Facebook it can be seen that the page was officially launched on May 30th.

Private life of Barbara D'Urso

With regard to the vita privata by Barbara D'Urso, we know that he has had many love affairs, even if the details are not known because he has always tried to keep the personal sphere away from the spotlight. However, her popularity and fame didn't fully allow it. However, we do know that she was engaged to her for two years Memo Remigi and it was later thought that she flirted with both singer Miguel Bosé and Vasco Rossi.

In 1982 he became engaged to Mauro Berardi, a famous film producer and from their relationship are born two children: Gianmarco, who is currently a surgeon and Emanuele who is a videomaker and photographer by trade. The relationship with Berardi ends in 1993 and after many years, in 2002 to be precise, she marries Michael Carfora, the dancer. Six years later, the two divorced.

At the moment we do not know what his relationship status is also because he always professes single, but it is said that it has a secret history.

Barbara D'Urso and the case of Pamela Prati

Barbara D'Urso is a professional artist and in her broadcasts she has always tried, and still tries, to deal with numerous topics and it is no secret that she has been fighting for many years to defend women from violence. When the question of Pamela Prati with her alleged boyfriend Mark Caltagirone, D'Urso was one of the first to discuss the subject.

In fact, with this story he filled numerous episodes of his programs by calling the studio too guests important. Things then didn't go really well, so much so that once Prati had left the studio during an interview and the next time she hadn't presented herself at the invitation. It all ended with one complaint against Barbara from whom, the ex of Bagaglino, he allegedly asked for 5 million euros as compensation for damages.

Curiosity about Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D'Urso she is one of the most followed and appreciated showbiz women on the small screen. In each of her broadcasts, the topics are varied and it seems that she never fails to disappoint her audience. What we have told you is all we know about her, but below you can read a few Curiosity that few know.

  • He has published six books so far;
  • He recorded a 45 rpm containing two famous songs: Se mi guardi così and Dolceamaro;
  • He loves his job so much that he would spend 6 days out of 7 in his studios;
  • When she was 24 she had a naked photo shoot on PlayBoy;
  • He starred in 15 famous dramas and turned down a film directed by Tinto Brass;
  • He owns 8 dressing rooms at Mediaset.

Social profiles of Barbara D'Urso

In addition to being a famous presenter and much in demand show business, Barbara D'Urso is very active on the social. Below are the direct links to his official profiles.

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