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Marcell Jacobs

Marcell Jacobs, born in 1994 in El Paso, Texas, has won the hearts of athletics enthusiasts around the world. Recognized for its outstanding performance and the record European 100m sprint champion, his history and career have been marked by victories, relationships and personal challenges.

Jacobs has a American father and an Italian mother, consequently he holds dual citizenship.

Here is an in-depth look at his life and career highlights.

The Italian origins of Marcell Jacobs

La mother by Marcell, Viviana Masini, is Italian company. Her father, a Texan soldier, met Viviana in Vicenza. Shortly after Marcell's birth, his father was transferred to South Korea. Viviana chose not to accompany him and settled with her still very young son in Desenzano del Garda.

Marcell Jacobs career and victories

Starting the practice of athletics at the age of 10, Jacobs displayed a passion for speed. He has been constantly improving his performance in long jump and sprint, winning titles and setting new personal and national bests. In addition to national successes, he has achieved international recognition, such as the gold medal in the 60m dash at the European Indoor Championships in Toruń.

Jacobs' moments of glory include gold medals in the 100m dash and 4x100m relay at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. These victories cemented his reputation as one of the brightest athletes of his generation.

Marcell Jacobs injury

Despite the success, Jacobs' career has not been without its challenges. In 2016, an injury to the left hamstring forced him to stop for almost a year. This obstacle didn't stop his determination, leading him to dedicate himself even more to speed once he healed.

Marcell Jacobs and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Le Tokyo 2020 Olympics they saw Jacobs enter the history of Italian athletics. Not only did he become the first Italian to participate in an Olympic final over the 100m dash, but he also set a new Italian record and won the gold medal in this discipline and in the 4×100m relay.

With whom married/engaged Marcell Jacobs

Marcell's love life is marked by his relationship with Nicole Daza. They met in 2018 and fell in love, they have two children together: Antony and Megan. Marcell already had a son, Jeremy, from a previous relationship. The couple also participated in “Dancing with the Stars”, gaining great appreciation for their performance. The couple is married in September 2022.

The relationship with the father

Jacobs' personal life has been influenced by his complicated relationship with his father. Despite the tensions, Jacobs overcame these personal challenges with the support of hers mental coach, who stressed the importance of breathing and mental preparation before competitions.

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