Who is Rose Villain, origins, father, career and Sanremo

Rose Villain singer

Rose Villain, stage name of Rosa Luini, is one of those artists who captures attention not only for his talent, but also for the his personal and artistic history, full of intriguing facets and details.

Origins and family

Born in Milan on 20 July 1989, Rosa comes from a family where creativity and entrepreneurship mix: her father, Franco Luini is the founder of the well-known Tucano brand, a detail that undoubtedly influenced his approach to life and art.
Music, however, is the field in which Rosa has found her true calling, driven by an innate passion and a desire to express oneself.

Private life of Rose Villain

His private life is a mix of love and music: married to the record producer Sixpm, stage name of Andrea Ferrara, since 2022, Rosa has found in her partner not only a partner in life, but also in artistic creation.
Their meeting in New York in 2015 it marked the beginning of a creative and emotional partnership. Animals, and in particular his own two cats, add a touch of sweetness to her life, revealing a tender and domestic side of this artist.

Musical career

Rose Villain's career is a path full of expression and experimentation: from the first steps with the band The Villains in Los Angeles, passing through the release of his first EP “Ego” in 2018, up to the acclaimed album “Radio Gotham” in 2021. His participation in the 2023 Festival of Sanremo with the song “Alibi” it is only the latest confirmation of his talent and his ability to touch the hearts of the public with his music.

Style and influences

The sound of Rose Villain is a melting pot of genres: pop, rock, electropop come together creating a unique harmony that bears the signature of his great influences, from Prince to David Bowie, from Madonna to many others. Artists, true pillars of world music, who they left an indelible mark in her style, allowing her to build a personal and distinctive sound universe.

Curiosities about Rose Villain

But there's more: Rose Villain surprises with its many facets. Choosing her as testimonial for MAC Cosmetics, for example, highlights how his influence goes beyond music, touching the world of fashion and beauty. And his passion for the universe of Harry Potter he reveals to us a personality full of interests and curiosities, who finds inexhaustible sources of inspiration in imagination and imagination.

Ultimately, Rose Villain is much more than a songwriter: she is an artist 360%, who with his music, his style and his life invites us to discover a world where art becomes a bridge between dreams and reality, a place where every note tells a story, every song is a journey, and every performance an unforgettable encounter with his vibrant soul.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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