Who are Bnkr44, origins, explanation of the name and Sanremo

bunker44 collective

In the lively Italian musical panorama, Bnkr44 (Bunker44) emerges as a talented collective destined to make their mark. Originating from Empoli, these artists have been able to create a unique musical identity, mixing sounds alternative, indie e pop with surprising naturalness.

Their participation in Sanremo 2024 it's an opportunity to bring their innovative music to one of the most prestigious stages in the country.

Origins and formation of the group

Bnkr44 was born in 2019, the result of the meeting between seven eclectic artists in the town of Empoli. The members of the collective, Fares, Erin, Caph, JxN, Faster, Small e ghera, each bring their own uniqueness, together creating a rich and varied sound fabric.

Their union goes beyond music: it is real life project, where everyone contributes their creativity and vision. The rehearsal room, theirs “Bnkr”, becomes the melting pot of ideas from which melodies, lyrics and experiments emerge that define their unmistakable style.

Musical style and influences

The sound of Bnkr44 it's a charming one Crossovers of genres, where the rap merges withurban, creating a unique and immediately recognizable atmosphere. Their music is a journey through emotions and reflections, with lyrics that explore thelove, personal growth , self-seeking.

Bnkr44's influences are multiple and range between well-known names from indie and international pop rock such as The 1975, Twenty One Pilots and our locals Moonlight, which is reflected in their ability to write songs that strike at the heart and invite reflection.

Discography and growth of fame

The path of the Bnkr44 was marked by a rapid rise, catalyzed by the power of social media and by their unmistakable energy live. Their debut album, "No comment", saw the light in 2021, immediately marking an important milestone for the collective. Success was not long in coming, and the following year they consolidated their presence on the music scene with "OUT", an album that strengthened their following and artistic identity.

In 2023 they won Sanremo Giovani and in the 2024 they are among the BIG of Sanremo 2024.

Because they are called Bnkr44

The name “Bnkr44” draws inspiration from their first meeting place ad Empoli, a real one creative bunker where they began to experiment and forge their signature sound. The collective's online presence is equally impressive, with thousands of followers on the main social media, testimony to their ability to connect with the public even off stage.

The recent appointment among the most promising emerging groups of the Italian musical panorama only confirms their upward trajectory and the wait for their next artistic moves.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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