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Born in the beating heart of Milan The Sad, an emo-punk trio that, since 2020, has been able to make the strings of the soul of Generation Z. Composed of Theø, Plant and Fiks, the group impressed with its ability to blend catchy melodies with lyrics that speak directly to the hearts and minds of young people. Crossing deep themes such as loneliness, anxiety and adolescent rebellion, La Sad has stood out for a sound that embraces pop punk, emo and shades of trap, becoming a real point of reference in the contemporary musical panorama.

History and formation of the group

The story of The Sad begins in the lively streets of Milan, where destiny has intertwined the paths of Theø, Plant e Fix. Friends before colleagues, the three discovered a unique harmony during their high school years, where music became their refuge and their most authentic expression.

Theø and Plant, linked by a long-standing friendship, they began experimenting with sounds and words, exploring the depths of their teenage experiences. Fiks' arrival in the group added a new dimension to their sound, uniting past and present in an explosive genre mix.

The band takes its name from a universal feeling, the "sadness", which reflects not only in their lyrics but also in the emotional depth of their music. Since 2020, with the release of their first single, La Sad has begun to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, speaking directly to the heart of a generation seeking authenticity and understanding.

Unlike others, we didn't listen to just punk or just one genre, and therefore there are many influences mixed together. It's not punk, it's La Sad


Biography of the group members

Theø (Matteo Botticini), born in Brescia il 4 October 1987, is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the group. With a past in metalcore band Upon This Dawning, Theø brings a rich and varied musical experience to La Sad. His passion for rock music e metal, together with the love for literature , poetry, profoundly influence the band's lyrics and sound.

Plant (Francesco Emanuele Clemente), born ad Altamura il 3 September 1999, brings a fresh vocal energy to the group. Starting his career as rapper, Plant has a solid foundation in trap music e hip hop, which blends harmoniously with the band's punk and emo sound. His passion for it streetwear it is also reflected in La Sad's image and style.

Fix (Enrico Fonte), the third pillar of the group, was born in Riviera del Brenta in 1990. With a background in techno-rave scene and in crazy rap, Fiks adds a unique and innovative dimension to the trio. His passion for electronic music , rave culture is intertwined with punk and emo influences, creating a distinctive mix that characterizes La Sad.

The union of these three different but complementary artists has created a band that not only reflects the variety , complexity of their musical influences, but which also speaks directly to the experiences and emotions of their generation.

Musical style, themes and influences

The music of The Sad stands out for one unique sound which blends elements of pop-punk, emo e systematic trap: every time, creating an emotionally charged and instantly recognizable atmosphere. Their songs, characterized by catchy melodies e distorted guitars, explore deep themes such as trough,anxiety, solitude andsubstance abuse, reflecting the challenges and anxieties of Generation Z.

Autobiographical lyrics, often brevi e intense, offer an unfiltered glimpse into the band members' inner world, making their music a emotional point of contact for the fans. La Sad's ability to speak openly about difficult topics, with a frankness and immediacy which strikes directly at the heart, has contributed significantly to their popularity.

Le musical influences of the band are wide and varied, ranging from punk rock di Blink-182 e Green Day, All 'emo di My Chemical Romance, up to trap music e hip hop contemporary of artists such as Lil Peep e Billie Eilish. This eclectic blend of genres is reflected in their approach to composition, where catchy melodies, pressing rhythms e introspective texts they blend into a unique and distinctive artistic expression.

Sad not only draws from music, but also from literature and from movies, incorporating references and quotes that further enrich the fabric of their songs, creating an ongoing dialogue between various art forms.

Successful released albums and singles

Since their debut in 2020, The Sad quickly climbed the charts, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape with a series of single e album which have captured the attention of critics and audiences.

Their first single, “Summersad”, marked the beginning of a series of successes, with its blend of sounds emo-punk and lyrics that speak directly to the soul. This song paved the way for their first EP, “I'm in the Sad” (2021), a collection of pieces that explore melancholy and youthful rebellion with depth e sensibility.

In 2022, the band released a number of singles, including “Self-destructive”, “2nite” e “Miss U”, who have consolidated their fame, demonstrating their ability to evolve musically while maintaining an authentic connection to their emo-punk roots.

The culmination of their recording journey to date is represented by the album “I'm in Sad (Deluxe)” of the 2023. This work, more mature and articulated, not only takes up the themes dear to the band, but deepens them, creating an even stronger emotional bridge with their listeners.

The ability to The Sad to remain faithful to their essence, while exploring new sounds and themes, is a clear signal of their artistic versatility and their commitment to growing together with their audience.

Awards and awards

The talent and originality of The Sad have not gone unnoticed in the music world, leading the band to receive numerous awards e awards. One of the most significant moments of their career was participating in the 2023 Festival of Sanremo, where their single “Self-destructive” achieved great success, both with audiences and critics, underlining their ability to connect with a large and diverse audience.

This recognition opened the doors to further successes, including the nomination for the “Best Italian Act” to MTV Europe Music Awards, an achievement that highlights La Sad's impact not only nationally, but also on the international stage.

These successes underline the band's rapid rise in the musical landscape and their ability to leave a distinctive mark, thanks to their authentic music and engaging performances. Sad continues to demonstrate that, through expressive sincerity and a unique sound, it is possible to reach and inspire a large and diverse audience.

Curiosities about La Sad

Behind the success of The Sad there are many Curiosity and anecdotes that offer a more intimate look at the band and their music:

  • Name inspiration: The name “La Sad” is inspired by a line in the song “Sad” di XXXTentation, an artist much loved by the group members and who profoundly influenced their approach to music and lyrics.
  • Location of the music video: The video of “Self-destructive” was filmed in one abandoned psychiatric clinic, chosen to underline the themes of internal struggle and melancholy present in the song, creating a particularly evocative and engaging atmosphere.
  • Homage to Sanremo: Despite their participation in the 2023 Sanremo Festival, La Sad had already previously released a song entitled “Sanremo”, in which they tell their vision and emotions linked to this historic event of Italian music.
  • Approach to writing: Creating songs is a process collective for La Sad, with all three members actively contributing melodies, lyrics and arrangements, demonstrating a strong artistic and personal cohesion within the group.
  • Thematic live events: La Sad concerts are known to be particularly energetic and immersive, with the band often organizing special events such as masquerade nights or karaoke sessions, inviting fans to actively participate in the performance.
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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