Outdoor cinema returns to the Parco del Poggio for summer 2015

The outdoor cinema returns to the Parco del Poggio enriching the Neapolitan summer with Italian and international films!

It will also take place this year on outdoor cinema at Park of the Poggio of Naples, but it will not be the usual review of Accordi @ Disaccordi because it will be organized by another association.

In fact, despite the renunciation of the organization of the usual Accordi @ Disaccordi by the Movie Tour Cultural Association due to great economic difficulties, a note from the mayor De Magistris and the Councilor Nino Daniele inform us that the cineforum will take place equally.

In the days following the official notification of renunciation, the Department of Culture and Tourism took steps to create a alternative plan to revive the initiative.

The has been recovered proposal of Hart srl, initially refused because it included a review in the courtyard of San Domenico Maggiore while it was still in agreement Agreements @ Disagreements, and now accepted and moved to the Parco del Poggio.

Here it is, as part of the broader program of Summer in Naples, from the 7 August to the 7 September 2015, with the possibility of extension depending on the weather conditions, you can attend a rich program of films on warm summer evenings. Moreover, the Parco del Poggio will be granted free by the Department of the Environment of the Deputy Mayor Del Giudice.


The films in the program will be addressed to all types of public, from children to families, from fans of arthouse cinema, passing through those that may interest teachers and students. The calendar also includes aperi-cine with the presence of emerging Neapolitan bands.

A screening calendar has not yet been released, but we will update the article as soon as it is announced. We can say that in some evenings there will be double show, with a first animated film for children and the second by arthouse. Alternatively, the two films will "face a duel" in a "meeting / clash".
The ticket will be cheaper because it will cost 4.50€.

Below, a list of some films in the program, awaiting the official calendar:

  • The invisible boy
  • Pride
  • The fabulous young man
  • Birdman
  • Perez
  • My mother
  • Youth
  • It racconto dei racconti
  • We and Giulia
  • The Belier family
  • The salt of the earth
  • The new friend
  • Song and napule
  • Black Souls
  • Do not marry my daughters
  • Selma
  • Take five
  • We accept miracles
  • Metropolis
  • Momy
  • Imitation game
  • American Sniper
  • Nobody saves alone
  • fury
  • If God want
  • Albert
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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