The Cinema at the Parco del Poggio opens, but without Agreements @ Disagreements

Outdoor cinema at the Parco del Poggio

The film club will take place again this year at the Parco del Poggio, but it will not be the usual Accordi @ Disaccordi

Even this year the outdoor cinema at the Parco del Poggio will take place, but it will be another association, and not the usual Cultural Association Movie Tour, to organize it. Indeed, the review it will no longer be the usual Agreements @ Disagreements.

There was a fear of not being able to carry out the event at all because the Movie Tour had officially given up on completing everything due to serious economic problems.
Instead, the film club will do the same because the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Naples has accepted one proposal of the company Hart srl, intent on giving life to a summer film festival.

In our in-depth article, all the details can be found on the new outdoor cinema for summer 2015 at Parco del Poggio, with the indication of the films, the price and other interesting details.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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