Summer in Naples 2015 | Schedule of events


The program of the events of Summer in Naples 2015 between shows, concerts, dance, exhibitions, festivals, parties, awards and much more!

"Summer in Naples 2015 - FemmeNA at the origins of creativity" is the title of the new edition of the summer event review which will involve many locations in the city.

It will be a homage to art and female creativity and the calendar will be full of events in which women will be protagonists in works and shows they interpret or which are inspired by the lives of famous women. A not indifferent choice for our city, especially if we consider that the most important "woman" for Naples was the siren Parthenope, our legendary fondatric.

Will more than 70 days of concerts, shows, readings, exhibitions, dance, visits and much more, all made possible thanks to artists and associations who have collaborated with the municipal administration.

Summer in Naples 2015 will also be an opportunity to inaugurate the first edition of the "Pimentel Fonseca" female journalism award, which will take place on 20 August and will be followed by the first “Imbavagliati” European Journalism Festival.

The places of Summer in Naples 2015

Among the most important locations we will have the Maschio Angioino, whose courtyard will be a numerous stage concerts that will range from jazz to rock, from ethnic music to popular music, passing through reggae, opera, tango, author music and classic Neapolitan song. The castle will also be home to comedy shows, historians and comedies.

Il Convent of San Domenico Maggiore will host the Neapolitan agri-food exhibition "MAGNA", promoted by the Guviden Association in collaboration with the Department of Culture and will also be the location of theatrical performances, including the 10-day review dedicated to Shakespeare.

Il PAN this year he will dedicate himself to music and , hosting in his backyard musical recitals and theatrical reviews. Furthermore, they will continue show ROCK! 5 dedicated to Pino Daniele and the exhibition of works dedicated to Mario Monicelli.

The Casina Pompeiana of the Villa Comunale will host artists who will make known, especially to tourists, the Neapolitan song. And we will continue with many other events such as the tango at the Pontile di Bagnoli, the festivals in San Pietro a Patierno, religious festivals such as that of the Carmine at Piazza Mercato and the beautiful historical-naturalistic itineraries to Pausilypon Archaeological Park.

Further information

Thanks to the collaboration between the Department of Culture and Tourism and the Department of Welfare it was established that one part of the tickets for the events will be offered to the most disadvantaged social groups, so as to encourage greater participation in the review.

For tourists, it is confirmed Welcome to Naples, reception service offered by jovial graduates in foreign languages ​​that will lead them along the Decumani and other places most visited by visitors.

Summer program in Naples 2015

The calendar of events is very full and runs from 11 July to 27 September 2015 and includes hundreds of events of all kinds. To know them all, consult the complete program of Summer in Naples 2015.

Information 2015 Summer in Naples

When: from 11 July to 27 September 2015
Where: various locations in Naples

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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