Wine and taranta fest 2019 in Teora with Giuliano Palma in concert

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Also the concert by Giuliano Palma in the Wine and Taranta Fest 2019 in Teora, as well as dance, shows and exhibitions.

Il 5 and the 6 July 2019 the Teora takes place on Wine & Taranta Fest, which wants to be an evolution and reinvention of the festival or village fair. In short, one 2.0 festival.

Wine and Taranta Fest is an opportunity to rediscover and re-evaluate the territory, the local wine and gastronomic production, as well as the cultural and monumental beauties of the small village of teora (province of Avellino).

The event is thought of as a real percorso food and wine, cultural and trade fair. A path also in a literal sense, given that for the main streets of the town you can taste them fine local wines and typical products made available by wineries, wineries and Head first-rate.

Visitors will also be offered the enjoyment of local craftsmanship and lots of live music, (in primis) that of the former Casino Royale Giuliano Palma, but also theatrical and dance performances, projections and art exhibitions.

The purpose, clear since the birth of the event, is not only the tourist promotion of Teora, but above all the social aggregation, the rediscovery of the pleasure of being together as well as of our land and its traditions.

Information on Wine and Taranta Fest 2019

Where: in Teora, in the province of Avellino

When: the 5 and the 6 July 2019


  • Friday 5 July: 18-24; Saturday 6 July: 12-24
  • concert Giuliano Palma Saturday 6 July at 21.30

Price: free admission

For info, consult the poster of the Wine and Taranta Fest

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