Train circulation between Foggia and Benevento starts again from 8 April

High speed train in motion on the train station at sunset

Finally good news for those traveling between Foggia and Benevento: trains on Monday 8 April they will travel again this route, with a reopening a week earlier than the original forecasts. After days and days of interruptions and inconveniences, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for the numerous passengers and commuters between Puglia and Campania.

The reasons for the stop and the early reactivation of the Foggia / Benevento line

Instead of April 14th, as initially planned, the trains fortunately they will resume traveling as early as 8 April 2024. The reopening came later the suspension on March 12th because of a landslide which he effectively blocked the railway section between Ariano Irpino and Montecalvo, in Campania. In fact, the landslide blocked 250 meters of railway line and only a stroke of luck prevented there being no trains in transit at that moment. The landslide blocked one of the ventilation shafts of one of the tunnels, thus preventing the passage of trains inside it given that, without ventilation, the air becomes extremely toxic.

The interventions concerned the demolition and the next reconstruction of the well of ventilation damaged, in addition to the restoration of the part of the tunnel affected by the landslide. A video released by RFI showed the extent of the damage: a clear hole next to the ventilation shaft, testimony to the force with which nature has affected this infrastructure.

THEinterruption of the railway service was made up for with replacement bus services, a solution which, however, obviously did not prove to be as efficient as rail transport, therefore the resolution of the problem was absolutely urgent.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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