Trenitalia Frecce, new baggage limits from 1 March

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From 1 March 2024, travel on the Trenitalia Frecce – Frecciarossa, Frecciargento e frecciabianca – will be subject to new rules for baggage transport. A novelty that affects all passengers, regardless of travel class, introducing specifics size limits for baggage and new rules for special equipment.

A change designed to improve everyone's travel experience, while ensuring safety and comfort on board.

Updates: given the significant protests from users, Trenitalia has decided to postpone the application of these new provisions.
Basically the idea, although perhaps too restrictive, made sense. It limited the number of bags to a "suitable" number, instead clog up completely the overhead bins given that some people even carried 3 or 4 bags.

What are the new baggage rules

The arrival of 1 March 2024 marks a turning point for those who choose them Trenitalia arrows: new rules enter the scene, bringing with them clarity and order in the transportation of bagagli. Directives that were created with a very specific objective: to improve the travel experience, optimizing spaces and ensuring comfort and safety.

News on luggage for those traveling in second class

For those traveling in second class, including service passengers Standard e Premium, the novelty lies in being able to bring up to two bags. The golden rule here is that the sum of the three dimensions of the baggage – length, width and depth, including everything from pockets wheels – must not exceed 161 cm, with a limit of 80 cm for the maximum single size.

The news on luggage for those traveling in first class

Going up the category, in first class, the traveler is entitled to a little more space. Here too the number of bags it's always two, but the dimensions become more generous, touching i 183 cm in total, and granting up to 120 cm for the largest size of each bag.

The obligation to label luggage

A significant detail: each piece of luggage must boast aclear label with name e contacts of the owner, a small but fundamental precaution for the safety. And what about accommodation? The luggage spaces are there to be used, but it is important to remember not to block corridors, vestibules or exits, to maintain clear the escape route and do not obstruct the passage.

An invitation to travel light, in the true sense of the word, and to consider shared spaces as such, for an experience on board Arrows that it is as pleasant and carefree as possible.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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