Covid, ISS report: vaccine efficacy at 90% but the average age decreases

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THEIstituto Superiore di Sanita posted an update to his relationship on the situation of the Coronavirus pandemic by communicating the data relating to the coverage given by vaccines and that on the contagion curve and on the average age of infected citizens.

The coverage news seems to be very good since, as we will see shortly, it is high percentages, even if the average age of those who have been infected in recent weeks has dropped.

In Italy the characterizing variant is mainly the Alpha one, even if its prevalence is decreasing.

Full vaccination coverage data

According to the ISS report, a full vaccination course covers for88% from infection, 94,6% from hospitalization, 97,% from intensive care and 95,% from death.

In cases where the vaccination cycle is not yet complete, the overall efficacy of vaccination is over 70% in preventing infection, approximately 81% in avoiding hospitalization, 88% in preventing hospitalization. in ICU and 79% in avoidance of death.

The epidemiological report: infections between vaccinated and unvaccinated

Always reading what is reported in the report, it is clear that there was one clear rise in infections in Italy in the last week especially in subjects not vaccinated or who have received a single dose or have been injected with the single-dose vaccine within 14 days of diagnosis, i.e. before sufficient time to develop a complete immune response.

For the vaccinated, percentages of the infected is a little more low, this confirms the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing the risk of infection. In fact, these differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated are also evident in the number of ICU admissions and hospitalizations in general.

If we then compare the age groups, the differences are even more marked because in the over 80s, in the last month, most of the deaths and hospitalizations occurred in the unvaccinated, not even with a dose.

The average age of the infected is decreasing

We also read that themedian age of the newly infected, in the last two weeks, is of 29 years and this is a consequence of the vaccination campaign which has focused above all on individuals with a higher age and on priority categories.

Furthermore, out of the total number of cases, 26,7% are under the age of 19, 62,3% are between 20 and 59 years old, while 11% are over 60.

The weekly incidence of infections

The ISS also reported that there was a increased weekly incidence which rose to 14 cases per 100000 inhabitants, in the period from 5 to 11 July 2021, while from 28 June to 4 July the incidence was 9 per 100000 inhabitants.

The origin of the infections

The report explains that in the 74,2% of the cases there was one local broadcast of the infection, a figure that decreased by about 2% compared to the previous days, while in 5,2% of cases it's about people who have arrived from abroad and little more than1% comes from other Regions or Autonomous Provinces.

Source: National update 14 July 2021 - 12:00 of the ISS report

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