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In the beating heart of Napoli, where the streets light up with festivities, a unique initiative of solidarity and hope is born: the Emergency Christmas temporary store. In this period full of celebrations, the non-profit organization Emergency, known for its commitment to free healthcare for victims of war and poverty, inaugurates a special space.

A temporary shop that also represents an important opportunity for citizens and visitors to actively contribute to humanitarian projects of great relevance, immersing yourself in the spirit of the celebration.

The opening of the Temporary Store in Naples

Il 1 December, a date that marks the approach of Christmas, saw the opening of the temporary store of Emergency in the heart of Naples. Located in a strategic position, the shop presents itself as a crossroads of generosity and social awareness in a period traditionally dedicated to the exchange of gifts and family gatherings.

The inauguration of this space is not just a commercial event, but a symbolic gesture that reflects Emergency's commitment to promoting a Christmas dedicated to solidarity and mutual support. Visitors who enter the store are welcomed into an environment that goes beyond the simple sale of products: it represents a meeting point for sharing humanitarian values ​​and actively supporting Emergency's missions.

Where is the Emergency Temporary Store located in Naples

The temporary store of Emergency in Naples he found a home in Via Benedetto Croce, 19, within the prestigious Palazzo Venezia. This choice is not random: the centrality and the historicity of the place they contribute to creating an ideal bridge between the cultural tradition of Naples and the innovative spirit of solidarity brought by Emergency.

view from the map of Palazzo Venezia in Naples

Assorurale's position easily accessible makes the store a point of reference for anyone who wants to combine Christmas shopping with a gesture of generosity. To be situated in the beating heart of the city allows it to attract a wide audience, from residents to tourists, who can thus discover and support the organisation's many humanitarian activities.

Opening hours and how long will the Emergency Temporary Store in Naples remain open?

The temporary store of Emergency in Naples offers a limited window to enjoy a Christmas shopping experience with a supportive soul.

From 1 December up to 24th December, the spaces of Palazzo Venezia are transformed into an emporium of solidarity.

Opening hours, from To 10.30 13.30 and by To 15.30 20.00, are designed to accommodate the greatest number of visitors, adapting to both the needs of residents and tourists.

What can you buy from Emergency in Naples?

The temporary store of Emergency in Naples is a real treasure of unique and significant products. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of items, ranging from baskets and fabrics from Uganda to accessories made with recycled materials.

There is no shortage of delights for the palate, such as traditional Christmas sweets, and clothing items such as association t-shirts. Each product on sale is not only a quality object, but also represents a story of commitment and hope. By purchasing these items, customers contribute to supporting Emergency activities, ensuring that their purchase has a positive impact far beyond the simple commercial exchange.

By supporting Emergency, which projects do you help?

By purchasing products from the temporary store of Emergency in Naples, visitors contribute directly to a variety of humanitarian projects both in Italy and abroad. Every purchase supports initiatives ranging from the provision of free medical assistance to people affected by war and poverty, up to the support of social reintegration projects need education in difficult contexts.

For example, lpurchase of jewelery produced in Afghanistan or articles made by solidarity cooperatives supports vulnerable communities providing them with a sustainable and dignified income. Likewise, choose products like books written by the founder of Emergency Gino Strada or Peruvian handicraft articles contributes to financing specific projects of health care and social in various parts of the world.

Christmas solidarity gestures that therefore have a real and tangible impact, allowing Emergency to continue its mission of guaranteeing care and support to those in emergency situations, promoting the universal right to health.

  • Where: Palazzo Venezia
  • When: from Friday 01 December 2023 to Sunday 24 December 2023, from 10 to 30
  • Price: the event is free
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