Gino Strada at the Federico II of Naples: meeting with students and professors

Gino Strada at the Federico II of Naples
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Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, will be in Naples to meet students and professors of the Federico II University!

Thursday November 24 2016 the founder of Emergency Gino Strada will be at the hospital Federico II of Naples to deal with students, professors and many professionals of Neapolitan medicine.

The event is part of a series of meetings with a name and hashtag #Nonsolomedicina that promotes that kind of medicine that Emergency has brought all over the world providing humanitarian aid, medical centers and polyclinics of great help for the victims of wars and for those who have not had the good fortune to be born in a country where this kind of medical help is given for sure. Emergency also helps train local staff from disadvantaged countries by providing study materials and field practice to create professional and reliable teams.

This meeting brings together the voice and the testimony of the founder of this great non-governmental organization young minds who will be able to use all their professional and humanitarian faculties to become one day, perhaps, some of the many doctors who leave every year to give their contribution in countries torn apart by diseases and wars.

Information on the meeting with Gino Strada

Where: Great North Hall of Building 19 of the New Polyclinic of Naples, Via Sergio Pansini 5

When: Thursday 24 November 2016

Schedule: 15.00 hours

Entrance: sweeper


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