Eurochocolate in Avellino for its 30 years with Iginio Massari, stand and show


Eurochocolate is preparing to debut ad Avellino, bringing a breath of sweetness to the heart of Irpinia. This special edition, scheduled from 9 to February 14 2024 coinciding with Valentine's Day, it promises to be an unmissable event for chocolate lovers and beyond.

The choice of Avellino as the stage for this event is not accidental: the city is renowned for its excellence in the sector confectionery, especially for chocolate, hazelnut and nougat, thus attracting the attention of "choco tourists" from all over Italy.

Eurochocolate for the first time in Avellino, what it offers

For the first time, Eurochocolate enchants Avellino, a city that stands as a symbol of sweetness with a special edition full of surprises.

The event, which celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the festival, is enriched with WORKSHOPS, cooking show and a variety of thematic activities, promising six days of pure fun. With beyond 110 companies participants e 1.000 product references, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where chocolate reigns supreme, distributed in approx 100 tons of gluttony.

Special guests

La event will have the honor of welcoming guests exceptional people who will enrich the program with their presence:

  • Iginio massari e Thomas Leaf, two pillars of Italian fine pastry making, will perform in exclusive show cooking, transforming the Choco Lab into an arena of culinary excellence.
  • La ski champion Federica Brignone, a symbol of tenacity and passion, will bring its sporting spirit to the city of Irpinia, celebrating the union between sport and sweetness.
  • A tribute to Toto Cutugno, missing icon of Italian music, ea Giovan Battista Cutolo, a young musician tragically killed, will enrich the evening with deep emotions and reflections.

Activities, show cooking and much more

Eurochocolate Avellino promises to be full of initiatives: from creative workshops to explore the art of chocolate, to itineraries Tree to Bar to discover the secrets of cocoa, up to Chocolate Factory where magic takes shape.

Furthermore, Piazza della Libertà will be transformed into the beating heart of the event with the ChocoLab, ready to welcome stellar cooking shows and meetings with master pastry chefs. The Irpinia edition of Eurochocolate will be a celebration of taste, art and culture, offering a diversified program that will enchant every palate.


  • Where: Avellino
  • When: from Friday 09 February 2024 to Wednesday 14 February 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: FreePik subscription
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