Vomero In Love for Valentine's Day, stands, chocolate parades and events


Valentine's day an event arrives that makes hearts beat Vomero: “Vomero In Love”. From the 9 14 to February, Naples dresses up in romance and celebration, welcoming its first edition of a celebration that unites flavors, art, and fun for all ages. Among the streets Luca Giordano and Scarlatti, a world of sweetness and creativity awaits citizens and visitors, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Vomero In Love” starts for Valentine's Day

The district Vomero turns into a stage of love and joy with “Vomero In Love”. This extraordinary festival brings to the streets an irresistible mix of homemade chocolate, banquets for lovers and the colorful Neapolitan Carnival.

The event invites you to stroll through the streets of Neighborhood, transformed into a labyrinth of stands where the art of chocolate it is expressed in all its forms, from pralines to rich tablets, passing through the delicious truffles and cremini. In addition to chocolate, the stands offer a variety of handcrafted creations inspired by Valentine's Day and the carnival tradition, ideal for original gifts and unforgettable memories.

What the program includes

The program of “Vomero In Love” takes place with a sequence of events that fill the neighborhood of Naples with love, art and celebration.

Here is the detailed agenda:

  • 9 February, 17pm – The official opening of “Vomero In Love” begins with the performance of the Barefoot Band, a musical project that promotes social and cultural inclusion, involving young people and children from different backgrounds in a performance that unites the neighborhood.
  • From 9th to 14th February – For the duration of the event, visitors can explore the craft stands located between via Luca Giordano and via Scarlatti, where you can find delicacies of homemade chocolate in all its variations and craft objects inspired by Valentine's Day and Carnival.
  • From 9th to 14th February – Every day, from 17pm, participants have the opportunity to interact with the puppet theater by Mario Ferraiolo and meet the mascot "Heart", perfect for immortalizing the moment with a love selfie.
  • From 9th to 14th February – At the stand in via Luca Giordano, the designer Marinella Pepe will hold workshops for creation of handcrafted jewellery. At the same time, the laboratory will be active art Attack where, under the guidance of experts, children will be able to create a Valentine's Day frame or Carnival bookmark.
  • 10 February, 17pm – The program continues with “Vomero Fashion Mob”, a fashion event organized by Cna Federmoda which transforms the streets of Vomero into an open-air catwalk, celebrating the creativity and talent of local designers.

Contacts: Neapolitan Carnival Facebook page

  • Where: Vomero
  • When: from Friday 09 February 2024 to Wednesday 14 February 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: FreePik subscription
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