Free events at the Rethinking Nature exhibition at the Madre Museum in Naples: two months of initiatives

Botanical Garden

Al Mother Museum of Naples, from 17 December 2021 and until 2 May 2022 the exhibition entitled Rethinking Nature, which aims to investigate the relationship between man and nature.

And it is precisely as part of this exhibition that the Museum organizes, in the months of March and April 2022, a free program with a series of activities and events as encounters with artists, guided tours, explorations outside the walls and in line with the theme there will be a series of visits toBotanical Garden of Naples curated by the artist Maria Thereza Alves with botanists and historians.

meetings the entrance to the Museum is price quotation, instead the guided tours the exhibition will be included in the admission ticket.


Here are the appointments with free events for the month of March 2022:

4 March

  • At 18:00 at the Mother Museum the Spanish artist Fernando Garcia-Dory will present the project to the public Aero.sol-shelter. An apiary for the Inland Village. It will be an installation of a sound landscape, in which the sound of bees blends perfectly with a chorus of women engaged in the cultural practice of telling bees about family mourning. The meeting will take place in English and admission to the Museum is free.

4 -6 March

  • The Madre Museum hosts some seminars of the INLAND Academy, or a new post-graduate course that will be dedicated to rurality, art and collective learning strategy.

5 March

  • Guided tours of theBotanical Garden of Naples curated by Maria Thereza Alves. In the first meeting there will be Bruno Menale, a researcher of ethnobotany and systematic botany in the Department of Biology of the Federico II University, who will talk about curative uses of plants in rural communities in central and southern Italy.

14 March

  • At 17:30 the Madre Museum in collaboration with the University of Naples L'Orientale presents the Two Clans | conference Weather Reports by Elizabeth A. Povinelli. You can participate in presence, admission to the Museum is free, or via streaming on the Museum's social networks.

17 March

  • At 18:00 the guided tour of the Rethinking Nature exhibition together with the artistic director of the Museum Kathryn Weir.

19 March

  • At 11:00 a second appointment with the visits to theBotanical Garden of Naples. The Professor of Systematic Botany of Federico II will be present, Paul Caputo in conversation with Iain Chambers.

20 March

  • At 11:00 a guided tour of the Rethinking Nature exhibition, led by the assistant curator Pietro Scammacca.

Dates of April are being updated.

Information on free events at the Madre Museum


From 4 March to April 2022


Mother Museum, Via Settembrini 79 Naples

Working hours:

Starting at 11: 00


Free meetings, but guided tours included in the cost of the entrance ticket:

  • Full ticket 8 euro
  • reduced ticket 4 euros
  • special family: children up to 18 do not pay, parents pay only one ticket of 4 euros


Official site Museo Madre

Anti-Covid Rules 19

  • Super Green Pass Obligation
  • Ffp2 mask obligation
  • Where: Mother Museum, Naples
  • When:
    • Friday 04 March 2022 from 18:00
    • Saturday 05 March 2022 from 11:00
    • Sunday March 06 2022
    • Monday 14 March 2022 from 17pm
    • Thursday 17 March 2022 from 18pm
    • Saturday 19 March 2022 from 11:00
    • Sunday 20 March 2022 from 11am
  • Prezzi:
    • Full ticket: 8 €
    • Reduced ticket: 4 €
    • Family special: €4
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Written by Serena De Luca
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