Ezio Bosso in concert at the Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli: the pianist will receive the Civitas Award

Ezio Bosso in concert at the Temple of Serapis
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Artistic beauty and emotions will frame the exhibition of the composer Ezio Bosso at the Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli!

THE1 July 2016, on the occasion of Civitas Award, which will take place once again at Temple of Serapis of Pozzuoli, will perform the master Ezio Bosso.

Il Macellum is one of the most important sites of the world historical and archaeological heritage, which in Roman times was a public market but also a place of worship of the god Serapis. It also has an exedra, a fountain inside the tholos and a covered porch.

On that day it will turn into an open-air theater where we can enjoy the piano music by the composer Ezio Bosso, whose concert production is characterized by different musical languages ​​and his research on the concept of empathic music.

The artist, suffering from ALS, showed a great willpower that encouraged him not to give up and to use music as a therapy of the soul, rediscovering the beauty of life and twelfth room, that is the place of our soul where the light of hope is found in the darkness of fear.

To participate in the concert is necessary book your invitation> on Facebook page of the Civitas Award, but it can in any case assist from the outside along the perimeter of the Temple.

Information on the Ezio Bosso concert

When: July 1th, 2016
Where: Temple of Serapis, Via Serapide - Pozzuoli
Schedule: 21.00
Price: by invitation

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