Lights and music at the Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli with a suggestive coherography

Temple of Serapis
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Waiting to host new events, the Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli comes back to life with a beautiful coherography of lights, lasers and music!

Il Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli returns to shine and to host shows after the difficult months of lockdown due to the Coronavirus. In fact, the first shows on stage will be the 25 and 26 September 2020, but already the 7 and 8 August a preview has been provided.

"Overture, towards the Mediterranean and beyond“, This is the name of this sort of preview, it wants to introduce the public to what will be the real shows. In the ancient Macellum of Puteoli, the Roman market has already been put in place a choreographic work of lights and music, waiting for the activities and events of September.

The review was commissioned by AtiMacellum, an association that has a concession for the site in partnership with the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields and constituted by Graficamente srl - Terre del Mito srl - Associazione Amartea and Alea onlus. The association wants to give back to citizens and tourists a beautiful archaeological site of the town, making it even more suggestive.

The August light and sound show

In anticipation of the new events in September, one has been designed for 7 and 8 August virtual representation that will stage, always virtually, sounds and cultures of the Mediterranean, to make us relive the times of the ancient Romans. There are lights, lasers and synchro projections on a musical selection that involves all hears. The first show starts at dusk and each of them has the duration of 10 minutes. At the end of each show the countdown of the next one is projected until midnight.

The music was chosen by Gennaro Tesone, historical drummer of Almamegretta (MedRoots) and wants to evoke the magic of the influences and mixes of the Mare Nostrum.

How to participate

One can only witness from the areas outside the Temple of Serapis and with the obligation to wear the  mask. It is also mandatory to keep the social distancing and not create gatherings. In case of bad weather, it will be postponed.

Information on laser and light choreography

When: 7 and 8 August 2020

Where: Temple of Serapis, via Serapide 13 - Pozzuoli (NA)

Hours: from dusk to midnight

Price: free

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