Father's Day with a visit to the Capodimonte Museum

Exterior of the Capodimonte Museum
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On the occasion of Father's Day, the Museum of Capodimonte hosts a unique experience for the whole family: a guided tour unusual that reveals the stories of famous and illustrious fathers who lived in the Capodimonte Palace. A perfect opportunity to spend quality time for children and adults.

What the tour is about

The tour will take place on Saturday 18 March at 16: 00 and will last for around 2 hours. Participants will meet outside the Museum ticket office at 15pm to start. The event is open to all those who wish to discover and deepen the history of the Capodimonte Museum.

This special guided tour for the Father's Day it is an excellent opportunity to share moments of light-heartedness and learning with your children. After the tour, parents can relax at bar, while the children put theirs into practice artistic skills in a creative workshop. An unforgettable experience to celebrate the love and care of fathers.

Il cost includes the visit guided with licensed tourist guides, the entrance ticket to the Museum, a appetizer alcoholic or non-alcoholic for parents and an art workshop for children.

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