Women's Day in Naples: tour from the Maschio Angioino to the Castel dell'Ovo

Matilde Serao
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On the occasion of the Women's Day in Naples a beautiful Tour from the Maschio Angioino to the Castel dell'Ovo, to discover the beauties of the cities and the women of history!

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, or 8 March, in Naples, Sunday March 7 2021, one will be arranged special Tour which will take you from Maschio Angioino in Castel dell'Ovo, admiring the beauties of the city.

In particular, by participating in the wonderful tour you can get to know the places of the Neapolitan city where women have left an important mark.

Tour in Naples for women's day

You will thus be able to know the history of two queens Giovanna, or rather of the first women who in Middle Ages they fought for their rights and asserted them, inheriting the crown and ruling without a husband.

We will then talk about great writers such as Matilde Serao, the first woman to have founded and directed a newspaper, or the Morning. And then again the stories of the queen Maria Carolina of Austria.

Crossing Saint Lucia you will meet Lady Hamilton, an English adventurer, and finally we will arrive atislet of Megaride where you will learn about the vices and virtues of the women who contributed to history of Naples. 

Anti-Covid measures 19

The visit will take place in compliance with the measures imposed to limit the spread and contagion of the Coronavirus Guided tours, in orange zone, they are only allowed in the municipality where you live. To participate you need the booking to the number indicated in the information mirror.

Information on women's day tours

When: 7 March 2021

Where: appointment at the Maschio Angioino

Hours: 16 hours: 00

Price: € 10

Contacts: reservations: +393483488440

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