Liberation Day 2023, what they broadcast on TV on April 25th

May 6, 1945 liberation of Turin
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Liberation Day on April 25, 2023 looks likeand an occasion for celebration and reflection for Italian citizens. This day, dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the anti-fascist resistance, is at the center of the attention of citizens, institutions and the international press.

The celebrations allow you to analyze the current political context e the positions of the various protagonists of the political scene, without neglecting the historical and symbolic value of the event.

The iinstitutional commitments on the 78th Anniversary of the Liberation

President Mattarella will pay homage to the fallen on the Altare della Patria and will visit Cuneo

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will attend the solemn ceremony of placing the laurel wreath on the Altare della Patria, a symbolic gesture of homage to the fallen for freedom. Subsequently, he will travel to Cuneo to participate in the official ceremony of the 78th Anniversary of the Liberation.

The President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa will be at the Altare della Patria and in Prague

Ignazio La Russa, President of the Senate, will be present at the Altare della Patria and, subsequently, will travel to Prague for the meeting of the presidents of the Parliaments of the European Union. During his visit, he will lay a wreath at the Jan Palach monument and visit the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

The visit of the presidents will be televised on RAI 1 from 9:10.

The programming on TV for the Liberation Day of the various channels

Rai 1

La laurel wreath laying ceremony on the Altar of the Fatherland by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will start at 9: 10 and it will be broadcast live on Rai 1.
One will follow special Tg1 starting at 9:30.
All 11:45, the stream will move to Cuneo for the official ceremony of the 78th Anniversary of the Liberation, also broadcast on Rai 1.

in the early evening, 21: 00, Rai 1 will broadcast the TV movie "Tina Anselmi: a life for democracy“, by Luciano Mannuzzi, with Sarah Felerbaum and Alessandro Tiberi.


On Rai 2, they will be broadcast journalistic services and reports dedicated to the Liberation Day during the news and insights of "TG2 Dossier“. Furthermore, some entertainment programs could devote space to issues related to the Resistance and Liberation.

Rai 3

Su Rai 3, at 13 pm, "Past and Present" will propose "Operation Teodora the liberation of Ravenna" and alle 16:05 “La prima donna che” will be dedicated to Angela Maria Guidi Cingolani.

Rai 3 will return to the Anniversary with the program "Timeline" on air Sunday 30 April at 10am.

TgR and RaiNews

RaiNews24 will follow in direct all the institutional initiatives that will take place during the day.
The Italian-language editorial staff from Friuli-Venezia Giulia will follow the main event scheduled for April 25th at Trieste rice mill, the only extermination camp in Italy.

Rai Movie and Rai Storia

Rai Storia and Rai Movie will propose a series of historical films and documentaries, including "Europe for freedom", "The massacre of Acerra: October 1943" and "The night of San Lorenzo" by the Taviani brothers.


RaiPlay will offer a whole section at the Anniversary of the Liberation, with films, dramas, documentaries and archive material from the Teche Rai, such as "Birth of a partisan formation" by Ermanno Olmi and Corrado Stajano, "Tales of the resistance" by Anton Giulio Majano and Nelo Risi, and "Pertini the partisan president ”.

Also, it will be available a collection entitled "Italy of the Resistance" and RaiPlay Sound will present podcasts, documentaries and audio series on the subject, such as "A day in history. April 25, 1945: Milan, Genoa, Turin ", in which the historian Carlo Greppi reconstructs the crucial moments of that day in the streets and factories of the three cities.

4 network

Rete 4 will also devote space to the Liberation Day with news coverage and special programs. Tg4 will provide updates on events and historical insights related to the Resistance and the Liberation.

Channel 5

Canale 5 will dedicate space to the Liberation Day in its main newscasts, such as TG5, providing updates on current events e historical insights into the Resistance.
Will suspended the transmission of Bitter land, the beloved Turkish soap opera.

Furthermore, some entertainment programs could dedicate moments to issues related to the Liberation.

Italia 1

Italy 1, through Open Studio, will follow the events related to the Liberation Day and will present services and interviews related to the theme. Furthermore, it could dedicate space to the celebrations in the entertainment and in-depth programs broadcast during the day.


A7 will offer insights and interviews on the occasion of Liberation Day, with one "Eight and a half" special and dedicated episode of "Piazzapulita", which will compare the different voices of the Italian political panorama.

Sky TG24

Sky TG24 will offer a full coverage of the celebrations and events related to the Liberation Day, with reports and live interviews from various Italian cities.

The channel could also offer historical insights and documentaries dedicated to the Resistance and the importance of the Liberation.

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