San Gennaro Festival in Naples 2013: events scheduled

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Festa San Gennaro Naples 2013

The Return of San Gennaro: the festival dedicated to the Patron Saint returns to Naples with a rich program of events

As everyone knows tomorrow 19 September 2013 it is celebrated in Naples Feast of the Patron Saint of the city: San Gennaro. It will, of course, take place liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro, contained in an ampoule near the Cathedral, one of the most heartfelt religious moments by citizens and pilgrims who will flock to the city to participate in the great ceremony of the Saint's miracle.

But this year the Feast of San Gennaro will foresee a full program of events that will be part of a kermesse strongly desired by the Municipality of Naples and by Gianni Simioli, who will be its artistic director.

Il Return of San Gennaro, this is the title of the exhibition, is supported and promoted by the Department of Culture and Tourism and by the Department of Labor and Productive Activities of the Municipality of Naples, organized by the Jesce Sole cultural association. promoting committee and following the best practices for the party, self-financed so as not to weigh on municipal expenses.

San Gennaro Naples

From the 19 21 2013 September three days of music, shows, art and fashion will involve citizens and tourists, spreading especially in the historic center of Naples, concentrating in via Duomo.

On the occasion of the Feast of San Gennaro some museums in Naples will remain open, all three days, from 18: 00 to 22: 00.

that's how Gianni Simioli presented the event:

San Gennaro 2013. Three days. Three days of celebration that I have repeatedly defined as “sentimental-popular”. Two words that we should go back to using more and that are the key to getting out of the darkness these days. This festival is the symbol of a city that, as always, knows how to be reborn relying on its history and traditions but always projected towards the contemporary. Sentiment and people. A mix that surprises every time. Like the yellow-faced Miracle, miracle that every Neapolitan performs every day devoted to his Patron Saint as well as to his city.
Thanks to the merchants of Via Duomo and their stubbornness. Thanks to the artists who have accepted to be there.
Thanks to Jesce Sole. Thanks to the Curia and… thanks San Gennà.

This is the program of the event:

19 September - Those waiting for the miracle

by 19: 00
Music Maestro!

by 21: 00
NATO band in concert, to establish a twinning with the American festival dedicated to San Gennaro which takes place on September 19 in the Little Italy of New York.

20 September - La strada in festa: street performers. Art, music, dance and… but Zaza '?

by 21: 00
Fashion Miracle: Fashion on the catwalk. In Via Duomo, shopping works… miracles!

Fashion show presented by Rosanna Iannaccone, with tango and break dance shows, capoeira and performances by Loredana Simioli and Ciccio Merolla.

September 21th

by 17.00
The road in party: buskers. Art, music, dance and… Amma found in Zaza '?

From 21: 30
San Gennaro Day
Grand Gala, grand finale: the show.
A te te saccio, yes customer (and we reward you): What will be the protagonists of the Feast of San Gennaro? And comes Zaza '?

Guests will be rewarded with a work by Lello Esposito, the artist who created "The eyes of San Gennaro ", the mega bronze bust, tall over 4 meters that will be placed on the parvis of the Cathedral of Naples on September 18.

Finally, we remember that the September 19 will also be the second theatrical visit to learn more about the myth of San Gennaro.

Museums open up to 22: 00

Filangieri Museum

Church of San Severo al Pendino

Pio Monte della Misericordia

National Monument of Girolamini

Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

Diocesan Museum

Mother Museum

To consult the individual events that will be held in each museum download the brochure of the event The Return of San Gennaro

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