Francesco Valdiserri, run over by a pirate car. Totti's condolences

Francesco Valdiserri
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Many messages of condolence arrived for Francesco Valdiserri, son of the journalists of Il Corriere della Sera Paola Di Caro and Luca Valdiserri, overwhelmed and killed by a pirate car in Rome while he was on the sidewalk in Via Colombo. Among these also those of Francesco Totti "For me you will always be an angel."

There are facts that are difficult to explain, even to write. L'fatal accident of Francesco Valdiserri, a young man of only 18 years old, it's one of these.

The boy, who would have turned 19 in a few days, was killed by apirate car in Rome, led by a 23-year-old who was at that time under the influence of alcohol and drugs, while he was on the sidewalk on Columbus Street.

An inexplicable and painful death for Paola Di Caro and Luca Valdiserri, prominent pens de The Corriere della Sera, and an experience that no parent would wish to have: that of survive your child.

Many messages of condolence arrived in the last hours

Paula DiCaro, in a poignant post published on social networks, so greeted his son:

“The heroes are all young and beautiful. He was just a happy boy. And I won't be anymore. Hi Francesco my love. "

And there were also many messages of condolence, arrived in the last hours, both on the social profiles of Paola Di Caro and Luca Valdiserri, and to the editorial staff of The Corriere della Sera, where they both work.

Among them, also a note of Francesco Totti,former captain of Roma, who wanted to express his closeness to both journalists and parents of Francesco Valdiserri, affected by this terrible tragedy.

Francesco Totti, his words for Francesco Valdiserri "You will always be an angel."

Francesco Totti, which Paola Di Caro and Luca Valdiserri have followed since he was a rookie in Rome, in the note sent to The Corriere della Sera he wrote:

“When news comes about the loss of a child like this you don't know where to start. Luca and Paola have traveled with me my growth from boy to man to father. From young footballer to professional, the road has been long. And when they call their son Francesco, what can you say today? I just feel that I hug myself with so much affection, such a great pain cannot be imagined. Paola, Luca, Daria and family, I am close to you with my heart. Francesco, you will always be an angel for me. "

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