Galleria Vittoria in Naples: a roadway closes due to the collapse of a covering

Galleria Vittoria in Naples closed
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New traffic device due to a collapse in the Vittoria Gallery in Naples caused by bad weather.

New inconveniences caused by a collapse in the Galleria Vittoria in Naples which connects Piazza Vittoria with Via Acton towards Piazza Municipio. Indeed, due to the heavy rains of the night, has yielded a part of the wall in the lane towards Piazza Vittoria.

The infiltrations of water caused the collapse in the night between 23 and 24 September 2020 and the gallery was closed as a precaution.

Closure of the Galleria Vittoria: new driving directions

After the collapse, the Fire Brigade, the Municipal Police and the technicians of the Civil Protection and the Municipal Road Service and large technological networks arrived. It was found that the closure is necessary and, consequently, the directions of travel will change until further notice.

Now, the traffic device provides that who heads towards Piazza Vittoria from Piazza Municipio must use the open carriageway, the one opposite to the normal direction of travel. Instead, who comes from Piazza Vittoria and heads to Piazza Municipio they must take via Chiatamone, via Santa Lucia and via Acton

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