GF Vip 7: Alberto sixth finalist, Milena eliminated

Milena of the GF VIP

Il 3th April marks a crucial milestone for the participants of the GF VIP 7, as the winner of this edition of the popular Canale 5 reality show will be proclaimed. However, before this long-awaited moment, the last televoting took place between Albert DePisis e Milena Miconi to determine who would catch up with the other finalists.

Both contestants stood out for theirs education, calmness e respect during the various episodes of GF Vip 7. Alberto De Pisis, unlike Milena Miconi, entered the most spied on house in Italy on 19 September, managing to hold out until the final. Also Nikita Pelizon made his entrance the same day, while Giaele DeDonà on the 22nd. Milena Miconi, on the other hand, entered GF Vip 7 on 12 December, overcoming several televotes and reaching the long-awaited final evening.

Televoting results and finalists

The evening of April 3 was full of surprises for the contestants of the reality show. The first televoting of the evening decreed that, between Alberto and Milena, the finalist of GF Vip 7 is Alberto. As a result, Milena was eliminated.

With regard to percentages to vote, Alberto got 52% of the vote, while Milena 48%. Therefore, Alberto joins the other finalists:

  • Oriana
  • Micol
  • giaele
  • Tavassi
  • Nikita
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